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How to Print from Ipad


Printing files today is a very important thing as sometimes it's way more comfortable to work with information on paper that in a digital form. Or for example, it is perfectly available to print photos to hand them on your walls or frame them. Anyway, it's just a very important thing to know all the possible opportunities that you have on your computer, laptop, netbook or tablet.

iPads are the most popular and frequently used tablet that we can think of. They are very comfortable to work with, light-weight and simple to use. Although some people might say that the functionality of iPads is limited, it's not quite so, you only need to use how exactly you need to turn on this or that function. Today we will learn how to print from iPad.


There is a technology that is created by Apple that is called AirPrint. Thanks to this technology we can print in a wireless mode. It's an inbuilt technology which means you don't need to download, set up or buy. You only need to make sure that printer you are going to use supports AirPrint technology (for example HP ePrint).


First of all, iPad and printer have to be connected to one Wi-Fi network. Also you need to make sure your printer works properly. You can print both tabs of Internet browser you are using on iPad, photos and any other static images. Hit the action button and from the given you list select Print option. Choose the printer you want to use and hit the "Print" button once again. The printing process should start. Yes, it's that simple.

Although, AirPrint technology is kind of restricting you as you only need to buy those printers that include AirPlay function. This means you can't use any old models of printers.

Printing on printers without AirPrint support

In case you want to use a printer that doesn't support AirPrint function, you need to install PrintCentral app. If you use install it, you can freely print data from your iPad on both wireless and cable-connected printers. All you need to do is chose to open a document you want to be printed with the help of PrintCentral. You can use Bluetooth and USB connected printers along with Wi-Fi connected ones.

In addition to that PrintCentral has an in-built print to PDF function. This is by far the easiest way to convert text, images, graphs and tables to PDF format by pressing just a single button.


Don't try to print out something from iPad on a printer that doesn't support AirPrint if you don't use any additional apps. If you don't wish to spend money on new printer - use PrintCentral instead, it'll solve this problem for you.



Printing from iPad it's not that hard at all. You only need to make sure your printer supports AirPrint and if not then you have PrintCentral installed onto your iPad. The most challenging part is to figure out how to do that for the first time.

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