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How to Prevent Ingrown Hairs


The ingrown hairs may appear after the procedure of the non-desirable hair removal. That is an annoying and alas rather wide-spread problem. Shaving, wax or electric epilation are the methods which may become the reason of the ingrown hairs to appear. The cause of the ingrown hairs appearing is the following. The matter is that during the depilation the hairs aren't removed completely. The part of the hair is still left under the skin layer. The hair that can't puncture the rough skin layer bends under the skin and continues to grow. That causes itching, redness, inflammation, and my lead to even the more serious problems. The attempts to remove the ingrown hair at home may be the cause of the severe skin inflammatory process. The places of skin where the ingrown hairs were located ma turn brown or get covered with dark spots reminding freckles as time goes by. In the most part of the cases the problem of the ingrown hairs may be solved by simply changing the epilation method. You may either start using the electric depilator instead of waxing or remove the hairs with the special laser procedure.


Warm up your skin

Before you start removing the non-desirable hairs take a hot shower. The hot water will soften your skin and open the skin pores. The hard hairs will get softer as well which allows them to be removed easier.

Purify your skin

  • You may use the traditional cleansing agents like solid soap or liquid soapy gels for that. The skin should be clean to prevent the inflammation. The dirt shouldn't penetrate the skin pores and the hair follicles during the epilation procedure.
  • The zone of the depilation needs to be exfoliated. Use the scrubs or gels with the abrasive grains. The scrubs and peeling gels remove the dead skin cells form the surface skin layer and prevents the ingrown hairs appearing.

Shaving tips

If you prefer shaving try to shave the hairs along the line of their growth. Of course that method doesn't guarantee the perfectly smooth skin but it may reduce the negative consequences greatly. You may use that method from time to time. The small hairs that weren't shaved won't be noticed but your skin will look much better without those red spots. Use that method if you are going to wear maxi dress or leggings. That will help you to avoid the appearing if the ingrown hairs or reduce the amount of them is there are any.

Rinse the razor blade with the running water each ten seconds while you are shaving. That will prevent the razor blade impurity. Change the razor blades as frequently as possible.

Use lotion

After you have completed the epilating procedure apply the lotion that inhibits the hair growth. The hair grow minimizing lotions and creams may turn out to be quite effective method to cope with the ingrown hairs and prevent their appearing.

Use scrubs and exfoliants

The next day after the epilation you may already use scrubs and peeling gels. Another good idea is to use the hard bast wisp for rubbing your body while you are taking a bath of a shower.

Use the hydrating lotion each time after you take a shower. You may apply it onto the skin areas which have undergone the process of depilation.


  • Don't neglect using the hydrating lotions regularly.
  • Never shave your body without water and the special foams or gels. Use the plain soap after all if you don't have anything.
  • Don't try to squeeze the ingrown hairs out if there appear some.



There are the special peeling gels that are aimed to prevent the ingrown hairs. You may use them every day as the abrasive grains contained are small and soft and won't damage your skin. As an alternative to them you can use grained coffee. Don't forget that any scrubs and abrasive parts damage your skin so you need to provide it with sufficient nutrition.

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