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How to Prevent Acne


It often happens that the teenage years are far behind but your skin still could look better. You stare at your face at the mirror and see the blackheads, acne, red spots, irritation and shedding. Of course you don't want your skin to look that bad. If you are sure that you will never face this problem you should take into consideration the statistical data. The symptoms of acne are developed by 50 % of women between 20 and 50 years old and 30 % of men of the same age group. Of course acne isn't a lethal disease but it may worsen the life quality dramatically. It requires adequate timely treatment. There are various factors that may cause acne. If you get rid of the negative factors you may get rid of the problem as well. If you don't have any skin problems you should also pay attention to the following list as acne may appear all of a sudden.

These things may cause various types of acne:

Cosmetic and make-up agents and substances

Some creams, lotions, powders, blush may contain vaseline, squalen, sulphur and wool fat which block the skin pores and causes the local minor inflammation processes.

Distress, exhaustion, long-term emotional tension

So try to find some time for total relaxation if you are a student or have to deal with the constant stress at work.

Wrong treating your skin

Choose the skin care lotions, soaps and balms carefully. Sometimes you have absolutely unexpected skin reactions to various skin care solution companents


If you take pills or receive some other treatment you should consult your dermatologist about the possible side effects it may have. Some remedies may worsen the skin state.

Lack of vitamins

Skin condition is the mirror of the statement of your health. You can refer to your skin as an indicator or what is going on on the inside of your body.

Individual content of the surface skin fat and its amounts

Some people have a very oily skin by nature and for example, T zone is even more troublesome than T zone of other people.


The proper skin care and the healthy eating habits may help you to prevent the acne development.

Stop using the cosmetic agents and detergents that may cause acne

Choose the lotions, soap, cleansing mousses that contain less fat. Stop using fatty nourishing night creams except the ones approved by your dermatologist. If you skin is oily you may use solid soap. The dry skin may lack natural fats and hydration so use natural organic oils and the hydrating fluids from time to time.

Protect your skin from the aggressive direct sun beams

Use the UV filter creams that don't block your skin pores. Wear large sunglasses and hats. Avoid walking in the sun.

Develop healthy eating habits

Eat more fresh vegetables and whole grains. Avoid fruit juices as they may contain too much sugar.


Don't try to reduce shining using alcohol-based lotions

That will dry the upper layer of your skin and you may get the oily shedding skin as a result.

Don't apply hand or body cream onto your face

The skin on your knees differs from the one on your nose. Different types of creams are designed to meet different needs of various skin types.

Don't squeeze the acne as that may only spread the infection

Moreover that method may leave the unpleasant scars. Visit the dermatologist to get the necessary recommendations.

Avoid sunbathing

The instant positive effect may be followed by a long-term breakdown.

Don't sleep wearing make-up

Always clean your face. If you happen to lack the cleansing agents use the warm water. Rinse your face thoroughly.

Don't eat junk food which is fatty and sugary

The most dangerous type of food for those who are likely to develop acne is candy bar. Reduce the amount of spicy food.

Don't touch your face without any necessity



If you follow these advice you may never face the problem of acne. These recommendations may also help the ones who aim to get rid of acne as well. Remember, that this is not only about skin condition, acne is a sign that you need to change something about your way of living.

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