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How to Pray the Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary


Rosary presupposes the peculiar way of thinking about the mysteries of the Christ. Praying the mysteries of the rosary encourage the human to accept and understand them better. The method of praying the rosary is based on the repeating. If one would consider praying the rosary without getting much into the question this activity may seem to be quite boring and formal.

However one may come to the completely different understanding of praying the rosary. If you will suppose praying the rosary to be the expression of the endless love which never ceases returning to God you will understand that praying the rosary is the great blessing from the lord and the Holy Mary. Compare praying the rosary with the words of love you keep saying every day to the people you love. You keep on repeating one and the same phrases but they sound new each time as they are full of your sincere love.


The right atmosphere

Praying the luminous mysteries of the rosary requires the special attitude. You should be ready to concentrate fully on the process without being distracted. In fact praying one mystery of the holy rosary won't take you more than 10 minutes. You may perform this ritual during the day while you are taking a break or postpone it for the evening when all your family members would go to bed and you will have several minutes of the absolute peace. Anyway make sure nothing and no one will distract you during your prayer.

Prepare for praying the rosary

If you are irritated or just sad about some everyday troubles just take some time for your emotions to be settled down. It is necessary to start your prayers with the serenity in your heart. Let all the negative thoughts pass away. Clear you mind. If some obsessive ideas still pop up in your mind don't hunt them away. Just take some time to wait until they slowly fade by themselves. When you feel that you are ready for reading the rosary you need to proceed with the next step.

Prayers and religious rituals anticipating the mystery

  • At first you need to do the sign of the cross on the Crucifix and say the full text of the Apostle's Creed;
  • The next step is to say the prayer Our Father and move the first large bead;
  • The next three beads are for the prayer Hail Mary. The three beads symbolize the improve of faith, hope and charity;
  • Finish the preparatory cycle of the prayers with Glory Be to the Father.

The luminous mysteries

  • Epiphany
  • Marriage at Cane
  • The proclamation of the kingdom of God and the call to conversion
  • The Holy Transfiguration
  • The Last Supper
  • Finish praying the luminous mysteries with the Fatima prayer.
  • Do the sign of cross

Keep the right attitude

After finishing the prayers you need to do your best to keep the serenity as long as you can in your heart. It is necessary to retain that serene spirit to protect your mind and soul from committing the sin. Rosary is the blessing for the people. Value that Holy Gift.


  • Don't pray the rosary in a hurry. Always take time to do that properly.
  • Don't forget that rosary is the great value. Treat them as the gift from the Lord.
  • Don't suppose the rosary itself to be an amulet that would protect you. Only your faith will be your protection.



In fact praying rosary is the methods of spiritual contemplation accepted in Christianity. It is necessary to understand that rosary carries the metaphoric and symbolic implicit meaning and one should take it into consideration otherwise the danger to accept rosary as some mascot appears. The true purpose of rosary is to develop our concentration during saying the prayers.

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