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How to Practice Namasmaran


Remember that the name of God is the key that will provide you soothing, serenity, bravery, enlightenment and freedom. The mind of the human is filled with this world, the body of the human requires too much time energy. The needs and the wishes of the human beings get more and more numerous with each second and can't be satisfied. The wishes and dreams of the people lead them to the false victories and dangerous adventures. The people are absorbed by the analysis of the material world and have lost their beauty, spirituality and the ability to feel and perceive. In that situation the notion of the absolute truth has become only the word from the dictionary.

The only thing that is able to help a human to float in this sea of chaos is the name of God. That is the salvation boat that will carry the human being across the ocean of hatred and fear. That is why the best way to retain the divine in your soul is to practice namasmaran.


What is namasmaran

The practice of namasmaran is similar to meditation in yoga. Basically it is the practice of repeating the name of God remaining concentrated and calm. It is possible to practice that in any place and time. Any person no matter of age, gender, cast or religion is able to perform namasmaran. This practice is aimed to support the connection of your mind and Gog. This connection will help you to stay calm as you will get the small part of the divine power.

What to start with

First of all you need to choose the name of God that you will repeat. God has the endless amount of names and you may select the one that you need. The best remedy for the sick mind is to remember the name of God constantly. So you need to decide which name of God would help you at the moment.

After you have selected what to repeat it is necessary to concentrate. You should bring our thoughts into the order. Take several deep breaths in and out. After that close your eyes. That will ease the process of concentration.

Clear your mind

Try to clear your mind. Achieve the state when you will nave no thoughts in your mind at all. That may seem to be quite difficult for a beginner. If you can't get rid of some thoughts and ideas popping up in your mind just let them go away. Don't send them off deliberately. That is like the water flow. Just let them flow and that river will disappear.

Repeating name of God

Now when your mind is more of less clear pronounce the name of God with your inner voice. If it is possible you may say it aloud slowly as well. Feel the relief that it brings. Stake some time to realize the effect that it brings. Enjoy the precious moment.

Keep the serenity

Wait for the moment when you would be eager to repeat the name of God once more. Create the individual rhythm. Let your mind get captured by this cycle. Enjoy this state and try to keep the serenity in your mind and soul when you finish it.


  • Don't hustle. Take enough time for each step. That is necessary to feel the value of that state.
  • Don't laugh at God. Take this seriously.
  • Don't dive into the world after you finish. Let yourself enjoy the effect of namasmaran and try to keep it as long as possible.



Remember that the God that is the source of your life. Compare the God with the great star that lead you along your way. To see that star your mind needs to be alloyed with God. The practice of namasmaran is the cure from being self-confident and arrogate. Keep the name of God in your mind as the inspiring background.

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