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How to Play the Flute


Basically, all you need to do to master a good play is learn the placement of your fingers. Well, thatís probably a bit exaggerated because each musical instrument requires a lot of practice and certain skill. However, flute is comparatively easy to learn and play. This quick guide will give you an idea of this instrument and help you familiarize yourself with the basics of playing flute.


Learn mouth position

Press your lips directly to the hole and make the shape of the hole with your lips. Then, bring it down a little bit so that your lips are still close to the hole but arenít pressed directly to it. You want your upper lip to be really firm while your lower lip is more relaxed and flexible. With your lips positioned like that, try to create an air stream that goes down. Thatís pretty intuitive thing to do, and youíll get the grasp of things pretty soon. Professionals advise the beginners to practice with the head joint only. Block the side of the joint with your palm and practice in front of the mirror.


Learn finger positions

One youíve learned your mouth positioning, itís time to turn those noises into real music by playing notes. To do that, you should block certain holes on the body of the flute with your fingers.


Check the basic flute fingering chart

It will explain you the positioning of your fingers better than thousands of words. Ideally, hire a flute teacher or ask some flute player you know to teach you at least the basic things about this instrument. Using this chart, you will understand where your fingers should go in order to extract certain sounds.



Needless to say, the success of any training depends on the amount of practice. Note that when it comes to playing instruments, the skills and knowledge you obtain are forgotten in no time if you donít practice often enough. Make sure you devote at least 30 minutes a day to challenge your flute skills. One you feel confident about the mouth and fingers positions and know what movement produce definite sounds, go ahead and try to play some simple tunes. There are lots of video tutorials on YouTube Ė check them out to learn various songs, from traditional Jingle Bells to Adele and One Direction covers.

  • Donít channel the air stream from your mouth in front of you. You want it to go down.
  • Donít learn how to play the flute all by yourself. Once learned wrong, it would be extremely difficult to break the habits in the future and learn the right techniques. Hire a teacher.



Playing flute is easy as compared to many other instruments, but still, it requires a lot of practice and some theoretical knowledge. This tutorial gives you just a basic idea of what it is like to play flute. Once you familiarize yourself with the basics, donít hesitate to look for more sophisticated courses and continue your musical education.

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