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How to Play Yugioh


If you love manga and Japanese culture, you would love yugioh. Basically, it's a trading card game for kids of 4 and older. Although the game can be pretty challenging for 4 year olds, they would still enjoy the bright colors and a bunch of fancy pictures.

Kids love yugioh and that's a great way to keep them busy for a long time. Besides, it's a lot of fun for adults as well. Learn how to play this exciting game using the guidelines from this article.



Find the players

You'll need to find at least 1 opponent to play yugioh, preferably the one who is familiar with the game. However, you can play with multiple opponents: the more people get engaged with the game the more fun you have. You can play in two teams with several player in a team.


Familiarize yourself with the cards

Start with inspecting the cards. You want to become familiar with each and every card in the deck in order to save time during the actual game. Think about getting booster packs: they are widely available and help you customize the game by adding extra elements.


Start the game

Shuffle the cards and place them on a game mat, face down. Flip a coin or play "rock-paper-scissors" to decide who's going to start. The winner chooses between "receive" and "challenge" and the game begins.


Check the cards

Draw 5 cards and identify the winner depending on the information on your cards. You'll probably need a rulebook to interpret your cards in the very beginning because there are lots of possible variations of the scenario.


Check with the rulebook

It will help you determine the winner.


Determine the winner

The winner of the game is determined by scoring backwards from 8,000 for each player. However, you can fix a smaller number of starting points for each player before you start playing, for example, you can start with 2,000 or 4,000 points. That's a good idea if you are new to this game. All in all, one who reaches 0 points or runs out of cards first loses the game.


Don't play without getting familiar with cards

If you check with the definitions and rulebook every time you get a new card, this game would probably last forever. Do your homework and learn the basics of the game.

Don't play with people who are not interested in the game

It's a lot of fun, but a bad company can ruin everything.

Don't forget to check with a rulebook

Especially if you are a newbie. If you play often, you wouldn't need to use it in the future, but it's crucial in the very beginning.

Avoid stacking

This is a common cheating trick when you arrange your cards so that you can draw whatever you want. Cheating is bad, and if you are caught cheating, you would be automatically out of the game.

Don't be too obsessed with the game

It's pretty addictive and many people spend way too much time playing it. Remember: that's just the game. Besides, it would cost you a fortune if you decided to play regularly.



Yugioh is a great way to have a great time with your friends or family. This game is really exciting to play and guarantees a lot of fun. However, it requires some skill and knowledge, so take your time to learn the cards and the basic rules.

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