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How to Play Sudoku


Sudoku is one of the most consuming games. A Sudoku field consists of 9 equal square sections filled with numbers, and some of them are missing. What you need to do is complete the grid by writing in the missing numbers. To play Sudoku you have to be attentive, precise and patient. More than that, you have to have a good memory; if you donít Ė Sudoku can help you train it. Besides, Sudoku can help you develop your mathematics skills and logic. It is a real brain teaser, and we wrote this article for those of you who have always wanted to play it but didnít know how it works.




First of all you have to understand how it works. The entire game is based on the elimination approach. Every number or space is located at the intersection of two lines: horizontal and vertical lines of numbers (we will call them rows and columns). Every line contains numbers form one to nine - one space for one number. A certain number can occur only one time in one line.



As you see, each Sudoku grid is divided into nine square sections, nine spaces each. Numbers inside each square section canít occur more than once. So basically there are three steps you need to take when playing Sudoku. Before you put a number in a box: 1) check the horizontal line; 2) check the vertical line; 3) check the square. Sometimes a missing number can be figured out after only one step.



  • As you see from the picture above, number 7 goes in the top row of the middle square: it canít go in the second raw since there already is 7 in that row (the neighboring square).
  • 7 canít go in the bottom row since there already is 7 in that row (in the other neighboring square).
  • It also canít go in the first column since there already is a 7 one square up.

You can solve the rest using this method. If you are having a hard time figuring out what number goes where, take a pencil and in each space write numbers that can go there so you donít have to keep them in mind.


Donít use a pen

Donít use a pen when playing Sudoku Ė if you make a mistake you wonít be able to remove the wrong number. Use a pencil at all times, but donít press on it to hard so you can erase it if necessary Ė every player makes a mistake at least one time during the game.

Donít play complicated Sudoku games

Sudoku has three levels. Use the one for beginners. Donít use complicated Sudoku games if you donít want to take all the fun out of it. When you gain a little bit more experience, you can take it to the next level.



If you are having a hard time figuring out what number goes where, take a pencil and in each space write numbers that can go there. Sudoku is a great exercise for your mind, besides, it can keep you busy in doctorís office or on a plane. There are printable Sudoku and online Sudoku puzzle generators that you can use to start playing Sudoku right now!

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