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How to Play Electric Guitar


Guitar music in its any form is extremely popular among the modern music fans. If you ask the young people what music they want to play the would answer that they would like to learn how to play the guitar and perform using that instrument. But even if you are eager to play the electric guitar the most part of the professional musicians would still recommend to start your education with the acoustic guitar. But why not to start right with the electric guitar? The matter is that the electric guitar has the steel strings. The beginning musicians have the soft skin on their finger tips which may be damaged. The performing on the electric guitar will be not only uncomfortable but also may cause even strong pain and bleeding. Moreover the acoustic guitar will provide you the possibility to hear better which notes you are playing. First of all any type of guitar is a musical instrument but mot a machine aimed to produce the sound. When you will be choosing your electric guitar take into consideration that you will also need the fuzz-box and amplifier. Don't hesitate to waste more money for a good amplifier. Choose the best of those which are of the same price category as your guitar is. The cheep low quality amplifier will draw all your efforts to nothing. The outcome sound you will get won't meet your demands. You will also have to purchase the suitable wires. The sound of even the most hight quality electric guitar may be spoiled if you use the cheap wires. Moreover the wires don't require to be replaced quite often so you won't have to spend a lot of money on them.


Sit comfortably and hold the guitar correctly

To play the electric guitar you will have to sit in a comfortable pose. Find a stool of the average height. Later you will be able to perform while standing or even jumping on the stage.

  • Unlike the acoustic guitar the electrical one needs to b put on the right knee but not the left.
  • Take your guitar pick in your right hand. Hold the finger board with your left hand. To see the finger board properly you may slightly turn the guitar towards yourself.
  • Hold your pick tight but don't press the fingers too firmly against each other.

Remember the string and notes coordination

Remember the numbers of the fingers so that you will be able to understand the schemes properly.

  • 1- index finger, 2- middle finger, 3- ring finger, 4 pinky finger. The thumb should cover the finger board and its tip should be holding above the frets. That thumb position is typical for the electric guitars.
  • Now start slowly striking the strings with the guitar pick. Press the strings on the frets to get the necessary note. You may get further instructions on the Internet. Start with the simplest exercises and proceed with the more complicated ones.


  • Don't try to hold the electric guitar as if it was an acoustic one. The position of the fingers should match the instrument you are playing. Moreover the finger board of the electric guitar is thinner than of the acoustic one.
  • Don't give up your practicing even if you get desperate from time to time. Keep on practicing and you will get the best results.



Playing the guitar may be the good hobby which will provide you the possibility to get acquainted with a lot of new interesting people. Moreover any hobby connected with producing sound or color like painting or playing the electric guitar will help you to express yourself.

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