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How to Play Chess


Chess is one of the oldest logical games that a person can possibly think of. It's a 2 player game that is a strategy. The game is proceeding on a game board which is a square of 8x8 size that is colored into 2 colors - white and black. There are 16 game pieces of 6 kinds: pawns, knights, bishops, rooks, queen and king. All the types of pieces have their own rules of movements and attack. The main goal is to set a checkmate to an opponent or make an opponent resign by his or her own will.

There is a certain set of rules that you need to know before you start playing chess. Rules are international which means they are all equal in all the countries of the world. Plus there are no variations of this game so if you learn the rules once, they will work for you everywhere and any time.



Each player has the following set of pieces: 8 pawns, 2 knights, 2 bishops, 2 rooks and 1 king and 1 queen. 8 pawns stand in the second line from the border and on the first line stand other 8 pieces in the following order: rook, knight, bishop, queen, king, bishop, knight, rook. Each of these pieces have restricted significant styles of their movement.

Pawn: moves only straight forward to the next square (except for the first move when they are able to move in 2 squares straight).

Rook: moves only straight, back, to the left and to the right (no diagonal moves) on any amount of squares you choose.

Knight: moves in shape of L letter: one square to the side and 3 squares at the 90 degree corner or opposite, 3 squares to the side and 1 square at 90 degree corner.

Bishop: moves in any diagonal direction on as many squares as a player decides.

Queen: count it as a combination of bishop and rook, this ???? can move in any direction on any amount of squares

King: can move in any direction but at a distance of 1 square. Also there is a move which is called castling that is basically swapping the positions of a king and a rook (king goes to the corner and the rook goes to the middle).

When a piece of one player leaps a figure of the opposite player, the piece that is being leaped over is counted to be dead or conquered and it should be removed from the gaming board.


Check is a type of situation when a king is under attack of enemy pieces (one or two or even more). If the king gets out of this situation - the game continues on, if there are no other moves left other than the king would be eaten then it's checkmate and a person who created a dangerous position for the opponent's king has won.

End of the game

There is also another way of how the game might end rather than checkmate - when of the opponents resign. It's a sort of a sign of good chess etiquette to show that you accept that the opponent has made everything in such a ways that you will lose in a couple of moves.


  • During a game don't ask advices of other people, don't try to interact your opponent or to make him or lose lose temper.
  • Don't break the basic rules of the game, they are not that difficult to keep after after all.



Chess is a perfect way to improve your logic skills and make your brain work. Try to play clean and practice no matter what - practice makes perfect and very soon you'll improve your skill of playing chess for sure.

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