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How to Plan a Wedding


For your wedding to be perfect you have to think everything through. But you have to remember that any wedding can go wrong and this is why low expectations are the key to a great wedding. The main thing is: you have to do what you want, choose what you want: a photographer a band, and the dress of your dreams (the dress of your fiance's dreams), because it is your day, and everything is about you two. Here we offer you some advice on how to plan your perfect day.


Maid of Honor / Best Man

When picking a maid of honor / best man, you need to consider candidates very carefully. Of course, your best friend will be offended if you don't pick them, but it is your wedding. Your maid of honor / best man is the one who is going to help out a lot. You want to pick a person who is good at planning stuff and who knows what you want and what you like. The best friend and the best planner are two different things.

A Photographer

A photographer is the most important person at a wedding. Your memories will fade with time - pictures won't. He is going to make pictures you will remember this day by. Choose a photographer more carefully than anyone else. See his portfolio. People in pictures may look good, but you don't know them in person, what if he captured them wrong? What if they actually look much better? Ask him to make a couple of pictures of you (at different angles), you want to know how he handles taking pictures of people with tricky figures or some minor flaws (we all have them). Ask your friends who was a photographer at their wedding.

The Dress

The good choice would be to have it specially made. You (your fiance) can have the dress of your (her) dreams and be sure no one has a dress like this. If you decide to buy a dress, there is no hurry - you don't have to buy it in advance. How will you feel if you buy a dress 3 months before the wedding and 1 month before the wedding you come across a dress that is even better? Besides, wedding planning can be very stressful and there is a chance you may gain or lose weight, and your dress won't fit you anymore. Take your time when choosing a dress. The only reason to buy a dress early is if you absolutely know that this is it, this is The Dress.

A Band

It may be romantic if you invite a band who sings "your song" or a song that means a lot to both of you. It is better when one third / fourth of all the songs are for slow dances.

A Wedding Planner

Get a wedding planner that organized your friends' or relatives' wedding. It is better to choose a wedding planner whose work you've actually seen with your own eyes. You have to be at one of his / her weddings or see a video. You don't want to leave anything to chance.


Don't hire a wedding planner who

Don't hire a wedding planner whose work you haven't seen. Your friends may say he / she is a great wedding planner, but tastes differ, which is why you need to see it for yourself.

Don't listen to anyone's advice

Don't listen to anyone's advice - you would think others know better. They never do. Many young people suffer from following silly advice of parents / uncles / wedding planners who think they know better. They don't know what is better for you. You do. Don't agree to anything that doesn't feel right, no matter if it's a hairdo, a dress, a wedding location or anything else. Choose what you want.



All you need is to think it through and choose what you like. Discuss the details with your beloved one, choose your favorite band, a wedding planner whom you can trust and you will be fine. Have a great wedding, and we wish you a lifetime of happiness!

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