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How to Plan a Bicycle Trip with a Tour Company


Cycling trips for the long distances have ceased to be the wide-spread hobby and became the whole lifestyle of some people. The tourist agencies take into consideration this trend and make the significant financial income by offering the carefully planned tours an equipment.

Recently the bicycle tourism has become a separate branch in the tourist industry development.

If you are planning to go on a cycle trip via some tourist agency you will have to take into consideration the following things.


Your level

First of all decide for yourself what do you wish to get from the trip and which is your level of experience. The type of the selected route should be quite adequate. For example is you are an amateur and can hardly balance on a bicycle you are not recommended to join the group of sportsmen who plan to overcome some mountain path in a week. The beginners should choose the easiest programs that don't last longer than a couple of days. It is better to start with cycling across the city as you may get the necessary help and buy the needful things easily. The shorter the cycle trip is the less tired its participants will get in the end. If you are more experienced you should be able to survive the longer journey. You may try to weekly cycling journey to the woods. The most experienced enthusiasts may take part in some extreme trips that will let them feel some adrenaline.


The next step is to make sure you have all the necessary equipment. The cycle tour agencies offer the necessary equipment for rent and you may use that service. If you have your own bike but lack some accessories you may also ask if your tour agent could offer you the necessary ones. Of course that will cost you some extra money.


Consider your budget. That will depend upon many details. The matter is tat some programs include the meals and some tours don't presuppose such option. In the case you have chosen the included meals you will need less money. The question of food and budget will also depend on the route of your tour. If you are planning to cycle across some city you will have the opportunity to eat out and buy the necessary things as water, tissues or medical bandage if necessary. In the case you are planning to cycle in the woods you will have to carry the tents, the food, the water and drugs with you.


Explore the group. Usually the cycling tour agencies try to compile the groups so that the participants' age and physical abilities would match. Usually the group consists of the leader, the average participants an the ones who are going on this trip for the first time. You may also try to communicate with the group in advance if that is possible to make sure you feel comfortable.


  • Don't overestimate your psychological and physical abilities. In the best case you may become a burden for the group and in the worst case you may get hurt either emotionally or physically.
  • Don't forget to check that you are equipped fully. If you lack something feel free to use the service of your cycle tour agency.
  • Don't take too many things that you can live without. The lighter your backpack is the more pleasant it is to travel.



The cost of the cycle trip usually depends upon many factors including the season, the route, the temporal accommodation and the meals. The cheapest cycle trip lasts one day and doesn't include any extra options. The cost of the week cycling trip can be compared with the cost of the cheap classic tour ($ 500-700).

The period from April till October is supposed to be high in cycle tourism.

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