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How to Plan a Baby Shower


Planning any event is a very interesting task. Planning a baby shower is not only interesting, but easy - baby showers are pretty traditional: guests give a mother-to-be their gifts, share their parenting experience, play games and have fun. Despite the fact that baby showers are traditional, you still can make a baby shower for yourself / your friend special, the baby shower everyone will remember. We hope this article will help you come up with interesting baby shower ideas.


You have to come up with games and make or order treats. This is all you need to plan a baby shower!



Don't say "baby" When guests arrive, you need to give each one of them a pin or some other object, you will see why. When all guests arrive, familiarize them with the rules of the game. They can't say the word "baby" till the end of the evening or till the moment you decide to open presents. The one who hears someone else say the word, can take away the rule breaker's pin. At the end of the game she who has more pins - wins a prize.

Who's is in the picture? When sending out invitations, mention that guests should bring their baby pictures along with them. When guests arrive, they have to put their pictures in the box (wrong side up). After all guests arrive, mix the pictures and put numbers on them. Attach them to some kind of board so everyone can see them. Each guest has to guess who the people in the pictures are. At the end of the game the guest with the biggest number of right answers wins a prize.

Mom & Dad. For this game both parents have to be present. Get them in separate rooms and ask baby-questions. How did they find out they would have a baby? When and where? What do they want their baby to become? How do they think he / she may look when grown up? Then get both parents in the same room and see if they can guess each other's answers.


Opening gifts

When opening gifts you can play a game, too. The person whose gift is about to be open has to describe it, and the mother-to-be has to guess what's inside.



Baby shower foods. There is a lot of things you can make: hotdogs shaped as swaddled babies, a car / a doll cake, colorful rainbow cupcakes, and cupcakes with baby-decorations on top


  • If there is no father, and you know that mother-to-be is upset about it, you mustn't mention him.
  • Don't talk about labor or C-section and don't remind mommy how painful it is.
  • If you see that mother-to-be is exhausted, don't pick loud games, and ask her if she wants to take a nap.



Baby shower is a joyous event, make sure you thoroughly plan it and don't leave anything to chance. Ask friends / parents for advice and help; you can come up with your own baby shower games and you will get an unforgettable evening that you an your friends will love.

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