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How to Pierce your Lip


Lip piercing has been popular since the most ancient times. The pierced upper or lower lip used to be one of the magic signs and lip piercing ritual was supposed to provide the person who had his lips pierced some mysterious magic power. Nowadays piercing is the way to express oneself. So how do the people pierce their lips? There are horizontal and vertical lip piercing methods. The horizontal one presupposes the extremely deep horizontal puncture of the lip which is being made in parallel with the vermilion line. The time required for healing the horizontally pierced lip is not less than a month. The process of healing depends upon the individual features of the organism. The studs for such piercing type are usually made of non-active metals, for example gold or titanium. In the case of vertical piercing the lip is being pierced right in the middle starting from the lowest edge to the vermilion. In that way it will look like a metal ball or a sparkling stone lying in the middle of your lower lip or being stick to the central part of the upper one. The ring is supposed to be the sexiest jewelry to be chosen for the lip piercing. But ring can be dangerous for your teeth enamel. To avoid teeth damage the inner side of the ring should be located between the two teeth. Otherwise in the place where the ring touches the teeth there may appear tooth adamantine layer cracks or teeth chips. Lip piercing can be done in less than a minute.

Is that really painful? The matter is that all the people have various sensitivity levels. Some people claim that they haven't felt any pain during that procedure which seemed to be just somewhat unpleasant to them. Another people admit that the pain was significant but couldn't be called unbearable. The third ones give up their attempts to have their lips pierced after their fight with the excruciating pain. However if you are going to have your lip pierced in a piercing salon the specialist will offer you the whole variety of anesthetics. You may try to pierce your lip at home but it isn't recommended still. The negative aftereffects after the unsuccessful lip piercing may be quite dangerous and even lethal. Remember that if you have the slightest hesitations it is better to undergo that procedure in a piercing salon.


Before you finally decide to pierce your lip at home make sure that you have evaluated all the risks you are going to take. Keep the first aid kit at hand in the case you feel that you are about to faint.

You'll Need:

piercing catheter needle;

stud or lip ring;

antiseptic liquid or gel;

sterile cotton pad;

a towel to protect your clothes from blood


  • First of all choose the place you want to puncture. Attach you stud or ring to that place and try to imagine what it will look like.
  • Prepare a weaker solution of the disinfecting agent you use. You will need it later to rinse your pierced lip afterwards.
  • Follow the rules of antiseptics. Use the strong agents to disinfect your hands, lips, stud and the tools.
  • Stretch your lip with your free hands.
  • Puncture it with the catheter needle inside out. Stop when the middle of the catheter needle will be right in the central part of your lip.
  • Insert the stud into the hole of the catheter needle.
  • Continue pulling the catheter needle until the stud will be fixed in the puncture.
  • Remove the catheter needle.
  • Close the stud.
  • Take a cotton pad and soak it with the weak antiseptizing solution.
  • Remove the blood with the cotton pad.
  • Rinse it generously with the rest of the weak disinfecting solution.


  • Don't remove the stud for at least two weeks. It is also not recommended to squeeze or twist it.
  • When the small wound heals you may choose another stud and replace the old one with it.
  • Don't neglect the rules of antiseptics.
  • Don't pierce your lip if you don't feel quite confident.



Think twice before you start doing it at home. The consequences of lip piercing may be lethal!

It is almost impossible to be totally sure that all the stuff you use at home is aseptic. Even if you buy the sterile syringe you can't be sure that the small hole you make in your lip won't cause some negative consequence. If you still are going to pierce your lip at home it is better to browse for some images of the oral mucous membrane infections.

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