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How to Pick up Girls


Women are mysterious creatures and winning them over can be pretty hard. But there is one thing you should know: in 90 % cases a woman makes her choice right away and lets you fight for her. If she gives you a chance to win her heart, then she probably already likes you (don't get carried away though). Here are a few tips on how to start winning her over.



Eye Contact

First of all - look at a woman you like, make an eye contact. If she catches your look and gets confused or starts twisting her hair / spinning a glass of wine in her hand / smiling at you or something like that - you are on. If she gives you an indifferent or aggressive look - it is better to stay away.


Women and their male friends

Be careful when dating a girl who has many male friends. Such girls may be a little bit spoilt, they can know some of your tricks, besides, you don't want to be jealous all the time, do you?


Smart women

Be careful when dating smart, confident and successful women - they are afraid to get attached, they don't like accepting expensive gifts from men they barely know. What they do like is big gestures that display your affection or admiration. But gifts should always take place.


Take it slow

In most cases you need to spend more time "wooing" her, because most girls are not big fans of one night stands. One night stands don't do it for women - sexual desire is born in their head, this is why many of them are attracted by smart guys. They need to see you are the Alfa male: the most handsome / strong / fun / smart guy in the room.


Give her a reason

A woman always needs a reason to sleep with you. If she is not that into you, she won't sleep with you unless she comes up with an excuse: "he was cute", "he was so nice to me", "he has been obsessing with me for a long time and I felt bad for him". For some girls it may be "he spent so much money to please me" or "I was so drunk", but you don't want to deal with that kind of girls.


Take a chance

If a woman gives you a chance - take it. If you don't - she will never offer you another one. A woman never forgives this kind of insult.


Don't come on too strong

Don't come on too strong, you may come off needy or annoying, or both. The only thing worse than that is greediness.

Don't show any disrespect

Don't show any disrespect, and don't make a generalizations: "all women are like that", "all women like it" or "I knew you would say that". A woman is not going to sleep with you or be with you if you imply she is ordinary. Besides, if you make her feel special, she will believe you are special and worthy of her attention. Don't tell her the word "special" if you don't know her that well - it will sound fake.

Don't let her complain about her ex

Don't let her complain about her ex-boyfriends. You don't have to be rude about it, just show her a little sympathy by saying you would never do something like that, and change the topic.

Don't smother her

As mentioned above, a woman wants you to win her over. But there is a thin line between winning her heart and just being annoying. Don't smooth your ambitions - if a woman actually says "no" it does mean no.



Don't be afraid to talk to a pretty woman - even the most beautiful women can be lonely, it happens more often than you think. Be confident, and don't let your fear make you lonely. Who knows maybe you will meat someone so special that you will never want to let her go.

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