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How to Pick Locks


Life is unpredictable and you never know what skill you may need in different situations. Being able to pick a lock can be extremely useful in some definite cases, and this is probably one of those tricks that any of us should be able to do just in case.

It's not a tutorial for a newbie burglar, but it will be extremely useful for forgetful and absent-minded folks who always lose their keys and lock themselves out of the house and can't get in. And who knows, maybe one day you'll be taken captive and find yourself in the basement, tied you to the radiator with the handcuffs and totally hopeless. In this case, you're going to be grateful for your taking 2 minutes and reading this tutorial.


Most common pin and tumbler locks can be opened easily without any specific tools or knowledge.


2 paper clips;

Tension wrench (aka torque wrench)


  • Take a paper clip or a pin and straighten it. Then, make a tiny bent on the end of this improvised tool.
  • You need to know what side this specific lock is opened to: clockwise or counterclockwise.
  • Insert the wrench into the lower part of a key hole and turn it clockwise or counterclockwise depending on the type of the lock. Slightly press and hold.
  • After that, take your pin or clip and insert it in the upper part of the key hole. Make sure the bended part of the clip is foremost. Move the clip to feel the pins. Pins are metal things that keep the door locked. As a rule, a regular lock has a row of 5 or 6 of them. You can rake the lock before you start. To do that, use the second paper clip. Make it straight and shove it to the back of the lock and start pulling it out really quickly while pressing against the top of the lock and turning the wrench simultaneously.
  • Push each pin with a paper clip until it's unlocked (don't remove the wrench!). How will you understand that the lock is unlocked? You'll probably feel a give or hear a click.
  • Increase the pressure on the wrench as you go until all the pins are lifted up. As soon as you feel that the wrench is totally there and you don't feel any obstacles on your way anymore, turn the wrench fully. If you've done everything right, the door is going to open.
  • Of course, this method works with pretty simple locks only. It won't work for more expensive and sophisticated locks. Basically, you can buy a special lock pick kit in any hardware store if the problem of locked doors occurs in your life too often.


No Criminal Purposes

DON"T pick other people's locks to enter their property illegally! Kids, burglary is bad.

No Fragile Tools

Don't use plastic or too thin paper clips or pins because they can break inside of the lock. In this case, you'll probably be unable to open it even if found the key.

No Alarm System on

Don't pin the lock if there is an alarm system in the house. The sound will annoy you and attract attention.

No Fear

Don't grow hysterical and don't panic. Picking the lock requires some practice, and it can take time.



All in all, this skill can be pretty useful in your everyday life. You don't have to worry about forgetting the keys. Indeed, this is one of those things a person should be able to do because sometimes lots depend on the things that are located behind the closed doors. Again, do not use these skills in order to rob someone. We share this knowledge just to show that we we know it but not to help criminals!

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