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How to Paint with Acrylics


The acrylic paints may be applied onto any surface. The acrylic paints won't get stained if some drops of water come on the surface. The acrylic paints combine the properties of the watercolor and oil paints. In general the acrylic paints are just the pleasure for the artist. It is easy and pleasant to create the pictures with the acrylic paints if you know some secrets and techniques. You may try to make the various textures with the help of acrylic paints. Try to apply the paint with the hard brush with the uneven edge to get the effect of the oil painting. If you will apply several colors onto the wet paper and blend them with the wet brush you will get the water color effect.


You'll Need:

several tubes with paint of various colors;

brushes of various shape and size;

the bowl with water;

the piece of the soft cloth

You will need the cloth to dry your brushes after you rinse them with water.


  • First of all prepare the surface. You may paint with acrylic paint on the paper. -It is better to take the thick paper sheet for the water colors. You may also try wood, glass or plastic. After the paints dry they turn into the thin film covering the surface. This film is resistant to the emission of light, water and even the physical emission. Depending upon the material you want to decorate choose the acrylic paints for the pore or glossy and smooth surfaces.
  • To start getting acquainted with the acrylic paints you should take no more than 6 colors. They will be mixed easily. The acrylic paints won't have the effect f the dirty color unlike the water color paints. That is why they are better for the beginners.
  • To create the semi-transparent layer dilute the paints with the water. You may take the palette or just the small glass plate for that. Take the soft brushes to apply the strongly diluted paints. They will soak the liquid better and release it easily when they touch the paper surface. Try to apply several layers of the diluted paint one onto another making each lower layer dry completely. In that way you will get the interesting effect of the colors being seen one from under another. It is better to use the synthetic brushes for acrylic paints.
  • To paint with the pure acrylic paints take the hard synthetic brush. It is better to take the wide and the rectangular one. In that way you will be able to cover the larger surface with the thick paint layer at once. Your movement should be accurate and rapid as the acrylic paints dry fast. The thin layer will completely dry in a minute or two and the thick one will require 20 or 25 minutes to dry completely. If in the process of painting you have made some mistakes you may cover this place with another layer of paint and correct the mistake.


  • Don't mix more than 4 colors. In that way you will get the effect of dirt.
  • Don't use the squirrel fur brushes. They don't suit for working with the acrylic paints.
  • Don't give up practicing. Your drawings ill get better with practice.



You may finish your picture or pattern with the felt tip pens and crayons. Try to draw with them right onto the dry surface of acrylic paints to create the desired effect. Try to take two or three colors on one and the same brush to make a nice gradient.

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