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How to Pack a Suitcase


Packing a suitcase is a very exciting thing to do. However not everyone organizes their suitcases in a correct way, some people just throw stuff into their traveling cases without having a straight and defined plan of how to pack a suitcase. Packing a suitcase is a simple task that simply requires a system, if you have one then there will be nothing difficult in preparing your suitcase for your trip.



Pick the right suitcase

According to the length of your vacation or business trip, try to decide what kind of suitcase you need. If it's a short trip up to 4 days, you'll need a suitcase of a small size. If you are planning top go on a vacation for 2 weeks or so, take a suitcase of the biggest size possible.


Airlines rules

Some airlines have a limit on the weight of suitcases, for example not more than 20 kilos. So make sure the size of the suitcase will allow you not to break any of these rules.


Think about the weather conditions

If you are going to travel to a beach resort, there is absolutely no need to take warm outerwear, plenty of sweaters, jeans and warm shoes. And on the contrary, don't take a lot of t-shirts and summer dresses/Hawaiian shirts and several pairs of flip-flops if you are having trip to a cool or chilly place. Of course make sure that you have a set of clothes in case it's a hot day in a cool weather and on the contrary about beach resorts.


Decide what kind of vacation you want to spend

If you are planning to go hiking - don't take a new cocktail dress for each day of your vacation. If you are on a business trip don't stuff your suitcase with hoodies and sweatpants instead of suits and shirts. If you are not planning to work out don't take full equipment for your exercises and so on. Take only the clothes that will correspond you probably daily routine during the trip.


Make the list of needed stuff

The chance to forget something in a rush when you are packing is actually rather low so make a list of all the needed stuff:

  • toothbrush and toothpaste;
  • hair accessories (shampoo, conditioner, styling products, hairbrushes);
  • second pair of contacts, glasses, liquid and container for contacts if you are wearing them;
  • deodorant;
  • face moisturizers and washes if you you them;
  • new pair of underwear and socks for each day of your trip;
  • first-aid kit and the medicines you are currently taking with the prescription;
  • chargers, adapters (if needed) and electronic devices;
  • shoes and clothes, accessories and bags, summer accessories (swimsuits, beach bag, sunglasses, SPF creams and so on).


  • Don't take clothes/shoes/accessories/bags that you doubts you'll wear or use.
  • Don't leave documents or expensive items you own in a suitcase - keep it with you!
  • Don't neglect such a service as plastic wrapping or your luggage - in this way its content remain safe until the destination point.



In a week or so start noticing which things you use and need on a regular basis, write down these items somewhere so it will be easier to prepare everything you need for any other trip. Fold clothes carefully and try to put all your items into separate bags. Make sure you have some free space in a suitcase to bring back some presents for your friends and family members.

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