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How to Orgasm


How to get the most intense point in getting intimate? You may be surprised but a lot of people of both genders ask this question today. According to the latest research only 60% of women start getting orgasm before they have turned 50. Besides that there exists a certain amount of women who can't get orgasm during the whole life. Men also may have some problems in this sphere. A rare abnormal health condition when a man is able to ejaculate but can't get his climax may cause severe psychological problems and diminishes general quality of life.

Though the first several years of dating and collaborated life of the two people are supposed to be filled with the most intense and pleasure emotions the both sides often admit that they used to experience the highest point of arousal more seldom during that romantic period. That is why you don't need to get desperate as later you will probably get some amends when your mutual feelings get less tensioned.


For both men and women

First of all accept the fact that getting pleasure can't be sinful or shameful. In order to get something you need to allow yourself to have it. In the most type of cases the problems in getting joy are connected with some psychological fixations. If you are sure that everything is in order with your physiological functions you need to deal with your childhood issues. That may take quite a long time, sometimes even more that several years. However by overcoming these problems you will get closer to being able to get the full pleasure from your intimate life.

For women

Emotional tension plays the great role in feminine orgasm. You need to stop considering yourself to be frigid and start getting pleasure from the process itself. Take into consideration that sexual intercourse that doesn't end up in its climax is also absolutely normal. If you don't feel anything special during having sex with your partner you need to learn how to get pleasure from minor things like being cared of, enjoying your husband or boyfriend strokes you by your hair, experiencing affection and tenderness towards your partner. Experiencing the same feeling as if you were hugged and kissed when you are actually getting intimate is already a great step forwards. The next step will be to find the way you will get joy. Take into consideration that some women can't experience orgasm during sexual intercourse as they need some additional or unusual stimulation. In that situation it is necessary to find a compromise with the partner.

For men

The men usually seldom experience problems with getting pleasure from sexual intercourse. Male orgasm malfunction may also be connected with some psychological fixations. Though men are supposed to be strong and bearable they also may suffer a lot from these issues. First of all you need to understand that your girlfriend won't laugh at you or think you are weak if you won't reach your highest point. Besides that you need to continue practicing and discovering some new methods of getting orgasm.

If we speak about male orgasm it is necessary to mention that any inflammatory diseases may have the crucial influence on male health. You need to avoid catching sexually transmitted diseases and hypothermia.


  • Don't suppose that as soon as you get orgasm all your psychological problems will disappear.
  • Don't treat any sexual intercourse you have as just the way to get orgasm.
  • Don't give everything up. Even if your problems are great you still are able to make a lot of pleasant discoveries.



Some people are too shy of the fact they can't get their climax. That makes them imitate orgasm. You need to understand that it can't be called the optimal solution in this situation. If you haven't got joy let your partner know about it. Don't make a fuss about this fact, just admit it as if nothing has happened. Stay optimistic and explore your bodies together.

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