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How to Network


At the present days it is almost impossible to live without communication and networking. The more people you know the more chances you have to build a successful career. How could people evaluate your skills, talents and personal characteristics if they even don't know about your existence. To get more you need to use all the types resources wisely. The people surrounding you are a great resource.

Many people are aware about networking but the avoid it consciously as they have some prejudice against it. However networking may be of a great use if you apply its principles wisely.


Why networking?

It is a common phenomenon that many people find networking insincere. They have the good reasons to suppose that way. A lot of lies, envy and jealousy is connected with networking. Comments become the means of manipulating the other members. However there are also a lot of participants who have managed to build the mutually favorable and sincere relationships. Besides that networking may be the perfect solution for the shy ones. One will get the unique opportunity to find the like-minded fellows without forcing oneself to talk to the other people. Besides that there is no necessity to ask the people about their interests. You see their preferences instantly by visiting their profiles.

Develop your network connections

It is quite important to support all the types of relationships. Networking is the good chance to stay in touch with the old friends or relatives that live far away. You may communicate without suffering from the oppressive feeling that you are talking to a total stranger. Use the contacts the people share. You may give a call or send an e-mail to your friends just in order to improve and develop your relationships.

Share your information with the other members

Who would like to look through an empty profile? That is similar to talking to a person who is constantly keeping silence. You may add any type of information you take interest in and share it with your friends. Check out the Internet resources to search for any type of the things you find amusing. Keep your profile interesting and informative.

Use the network to improve your career

You should visit webinars and communicate with the specialists that might help you in any kind of way. Sharing the experience is of a great value. Besides that it is a good chance to present yourself and declare yourself a valuable specialist.


  • Don't hesitate to add the complete strangers to your friend list. You may get acquainted and break the ice virtually as well.
  • Don't be afraid to express your opinion openly. The Internet is the place for discussions.
  • Don't neglect being initiative. That matters a lot today.
  • Don't be rude towards the other people. It is OK to disagree with something but it is not OK to insult the other people.
  • Don't take the things too seriously. Have fun.



After you have built some more or less stable contacts with the other participants you may try to cast a line. Publish the information about your needs. You may wish to get a new job, find a company for bike hiking or just date someone. It is likely that the other members of network will respond. Send some text messages or make some calls to get what you want. That isn't anything egoistic about that. Perhaps next time you will find the offers of the other people quite interesting.

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