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How to Minimize Pores


The women who have oily skin know that it have both advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of the oily skin are the ability to retain the fresh and young look for long and the ability to resist the negative weather factors such as wind or cold better. But the main problem of the oily skin is the wide large pores which don't look well and upset the girls whose skin is oily. That's why contracting skin pores is the first question to be solve in any period of time.

The excesses of skin grease and street dirt accumulate in the large pore openings and gradually form blackheads. Blackheads are generally the grease plugs that block the pores. These plugs may stretch the edges of the skin pores and make them even larger. In that situation the pores get too prominent and annoy the owner of such skin. The wide ski pores may also be typical of dry skin but that is a rather rare phenomenon.

What to start with to get your pores minimized? You should develop your own daily routine procedures and stick to their carrying out accurately.


Regular Cleaning

The first rule to follow is to clean your skin regularly. Use the special soap or cleansing mousse and the special peeling scrubs for your skin.

Cool Water

After cleaning your skin use the cool water to rinse it. It will contract your pores.

Pore Minimizing Products

Use the special fluids or the lotions that minimize the pores. These skincare products usually contain styptic agents as the natural extracts of lemon, rosemary or peppermint.


Peel and scrub your face once a week. After that don't forget to wipe your face with a cotton ball soaked with lotion.

Clay, Aloe Vera masks

Apply the facial masks containing white or green clay. That will minimize the pores effectively. If you prefer to make these masks at home you may dilute the clay not with the plain water but with the natural aloe vera juice.

You may prepare the homemade mask that minimizes the pores. Use any bowl except the metal one. Take the proper amount of the white or green dry clay, add some water, lemon juice and aloe vera juice. Stir it with the plastic or wooden stick. Apply the mask onto your face avoiding the area around your eyes. If the make gets dry too quickly apply a wet cloth on your face or carefully spray it with water. Keep it on your face for 20 minutes. Rinse it with cool water.

Fruits and Berries

You may also use the fresh fruits and berries. Strawberries, apples, apricots, plums or peaches will suit for that. The fruit acids that they contain ill minimize your pores effectively. Mash them to make the soft puree and apply it onto your face. Remove the mask with a cotton ball soaked with milk in 10 minutes.

Egg with Lemon Juice

The pores that are too large may be helped with the following method. The whipped white of the raw egg mixed with the lemon juice is recommended to be applied on your face approximately twice a week. But take into the consideration the fact that this method won't suit you if you have the dry skin.


No Hot Water

Don't rinse the make-up with the hot water. Use slightly warm or cool one. Hot water will make your pores even larger.

No Make Up While Sleeping

Don't sleep wearing your make-up. Always wash your face before you go to bed. The dirt and the left outs of the make-up may block your pores and cause inflammation and breakouts.

Don't Try To Save on Dermatologist

Don't neglect visiting the cosmetologist. The qualified specialist will help you to choose the right care for your skin.



The clean and healthy skin that radiates from the inside with beauty is the basis for any type of make up. Don't neglect your bad skin condition as the treatment carried out in time may literally save your skin. Anyway before you start using one of the methods described above you should consult the specialist to get all the necessary recommendations.

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