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How to Memorize Lines


Many students find it difficult to memorize their lines before an important play. That's is why they may often experience panic or anxiety before school performance. It is obvious that to receive the desired part in a school play is the real success for a child. However in many cases the joy is replaced with fear and anxiety later when the time to learn one's part comes. To memorize one's lines fast and effectively it is necessary to use all the types of memory actively. That means you need to use your audio, visual and motor memory at one and the same time.



Supraliminal reading

Read your lines aloud trying to get deeper into the meaning of the text. You need to read the lines thoughtfully for 2 or 5 times and try to grasp the idea and message of the text completely. It is important to grasp the message of the lines. You would probably agree that it is practically impossible to memorize the text you don't understand at all unless it is some trashy song. After you have understood the message completely try reading the lines aloud again. Start developing the event sequence in your mind. It is also recommended to use your associative memory while building the chronological order of the events in your mind. Reread the lines slower trying to analyze each one.


Audio memory activating

If you find it easier to memorize something when you have heard it ask someone to read your lines aloud for you. In case there are no assistants available you may use voice recorder. Record your own voice and play the record back as many time as required. It is sensible to listen to the record several times and then to stop and repeat after the record. It is important to listen to the lines from time to time.


Split the whole piece into smaller parts

It is often difficult to memorize the massive pieces of text at one for the ones who don't have any outstanding memorizing skills. You may split your lines into the small coherent passages. It is important not to break the coherence of the text. Remember that each small part should be a coherent and cohesive meaningful whole. Read the first part aloud and repeat it without peeping into your notes. After you find it easy to do that you need to proceed with learning the second part. Now try to connect the two parts you have memorized. You may peep firstly but later you should recite the whole piece without any help.


Choose the right time

It is recommended to start learning things by heart before you go to sleep. Even if it seems that your thoughts are totally messed up and you haven't memorized a single word the things are much better in fact. While you are sleeping your brain continues its functioning and arranges the information. You will be surprised that in the morning you will remember the lines easily.


  • Don't cry or get desperate. There isn't anything impossible for your brain. Ability to memorize things is typical of all the people no matter of their IQ. Just keep calm and continue learning your lines.
  • Don't neglect intonation. Each time you read your lines aloud express all the emotions of your character. Use poses and gestures.
  • Don't be too shy to ask your friends or parents to listen to you. It is important to get accustomed to recite lines in public.



Memorizing the lines is a great training for your brain and for sure this skill will help a lot in the future. Even if it will be very hard from the first attempt, the second and the further ones would be easier and easier performed. So stay persistent and very soon it will be extremely easy for you to learn any lines for any situation.

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