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How to Measure Ring Size


If you love wearing jewelry, you should know your ring size. Indeed, you don't buy clothes and shoes by random sample, so why so many people keep making the same stupid mistake and buy jewelry of the wrong size? But what do you do if watch TV shop and see a perfect ring that you want to order RIGHT NOW (either to get that $9.99 discount of just because it's so beautiful that you can't wait), but don't know your ring size? Or what if you want to buy an engagement or wedding ring and have no idea what size fits your significant other? Luckily, you can measure your ring size at home, and that's how you do that.



Opt for a jewelry sizing tool

Using jewelry sizing tool is the best idea if you need to know what ring size you need. It is a special tool that looks either like a bended spiral or like a long stick. You can buy it for about $10 in any local jewelry store, or in Walmart, or order it online. To check if you have chosen the right size, put the ring on and take it off. It should easily slide from the bottom to the knuckle and have a little difficulty sliding off in the middle.


Measuring with a string

If you don't have a tool, you can go another way.

Tools and Instruments:

Ring sizer chart



String that doesn't stretch or dental floss

Ring that fits (optional)


  • So, find a ring sizer chart online and print it. Make sure you mind the scale! Select a finger that you're going to wear your ring on, take a piece of dental floss and wrap it around the widest part of your finger (usually around your knuckle). Carefully cut the excess of floss
  • Use the metric side of the ruler to measure the length of the floss. Go back to the chart and look at the size measurements. Find your length in the chart and find the size that corresponds with the length.
  • You can also use a strip of paper instead of dental floss to measure your finger.
  • Basically, if you can't find a ring sizer chart, you can just find out the diameter of your ring and the seller or the consultant will help you to define the size.
  • If you already have a ring that fits, download a ring sizer chart with the circles of different sizes. Put the ring on different circles and find one that suits your ring perfectly. Make sure you don't see spaces between the ring and the circle!


  • Don't wrap the floss around the very bottom of your finger (the place when people regularly wear the ring) because that's going to be too small.
  • Don't twist the floss and make sure you wrap it straight in order to prevent the inaccurate measurement.
  • Using a ring sizing tool, remember that they come in 2 variants: British and American. British sizer uses the letters of alphabet and the American sizing system uses numbers.
  • Be very careful measuring the length of the paper! Oftentimes, people end up measuring their fingers wrong. -Draw a line on the strip of paper immediately when you use a paper strip for measuring.
  • Don't measure your fingers when they are swollen. They can be swollen for various reasons including hot weather, so you'd better do that on a cool day or in perfectly air-conditioned room.
  • Don't buy the ring of exactly right size if it has a bend wider than 9mm. Opt for a ring that is 0.5 size larger.



So, you don't have to buy a ring depending on luck. Just follow the above-mentioned instructions to measure your fingers and buy a perfect ring of a perfect size! Check every measures twice in order to avoid any mistakes.

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