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How to Manage Hayfever As a Buddhist


Hay fever is an annoying sign of allergies. People who suffer from hay fever miss out on so much: they canít enjoy flowers in bloom, they canít have pets, they canít stand it when there is dust on their furniture, and they canít even be in a temple! Not only does constant sneezing annoy a person who suffers from it, it also annoys all the people around that person. A person who canít top sneezing can make you smile at first, but constant sneezing is unacceptable in a classroom or a temple. This is why if you suffer from hay fever, you have to know how to stop it so it doesnít ruin spring or meditation for you.


Wear a filter-mask

The first and the simplest decision would be wearing a filter-mask. If it is appropriate in your temple, you absolutely have to get a filter-mask and wear it in a temple at all times. You donít want to bother anyone with your sneezing.

Take an allergy pill

Before you head to a temple or 20 minutes before you start meditation, take an allergy pill. It will take 20 Ė 30 minutes for the pill to start working. If you have never consulted a doctor about your hay fever, you should. There certainly are pills that can help and your doctor will tell you what pills to buy. If the condition is really bad and you need to relieve it immediately - use Similasan Hay Fever Relief nasal spray. Also, turn to homeopathy to avoid this problem in the future, Boiron Homeopathic Medicine Sabadil tablets for hay fever and allergies will do.

Talk to people at your temple

Ask them if they are open to replacement of live flowers with plastic ones, or using a smoke-free kind of incense. See if there are other temples in your neighborhood that may agree to that.

Go for the nose

If you feel you are going to sneeze, touch your nose, push on it or squeeze its tip, it almost always helps to prevent sneezing. You better do it using a napkin, especially if your nose is already moist. Besides, if you do sneeze, it will soften the sound. You can sneeze silently, if you press a napkin to your nose and mouth and keep your mouth shut. You should always have napkins with you.

Hold your breath

Holding your breath combined with a napkin pressed to your nose and mouth will stop you from sneezing (or at least will make your sneeze silent).

Wash your nose

This one works best if you donít have to go anywhere. Wash your nose with household soap. This kind of soap usually doesnít work for cleansing body as it makes skin too dry. It will work for your nose as it narrows pores. Wash the soap out of your nose with warm water and use a napkin to wipe inside your nose so it is dry. It will work for a couple of hours.


Careful with the soap

If you choose to wash your nose with soap, donít overdo it Ė too much soap can make skin around your nose too dry, it wonít look pretty and may hurt.

Napkins and pills

Donít forget to bring along a bunch of napkins. You should always have them with you. Same about pills. Not only do you have to have them at hand, you have to bring along a small bottle of water to wash them down with Ė it is important.



First try these methods at home, and see which ones work best for you. This way when you decide to go to a temple you will know what exactly works for you, it will give you confidence and calm your nerves. But you have to accept the fact that you are going to sneeze one or a few times, you just have to stay calm and not focus on it so much.

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