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How to Make your Own Archery Bow


You want to make a bow for your child? Or maybe you are out of town and bored? There is an easy way to make a bow yourself, and we will talk about it here. You donít need a lot of materials, time or physical strength to make your own archery bow. With a bow you can forget itís the twenty-first century and fling yourself into the Middle Ages-like life. Archery is a fun sport. If archery is your hobby and you forgot to take your bow out with you, just make it. It is not going to be as good, but it is going to be your very own bow.


You will need:

  • A saw (or something else that cuts wood);
  • A sharp knife;
  • A ruler;
  • A stick (a branch);
  • Scissors;
  • Thick nylon twine.




A branch should be fresh (live). If it is old, it will easily break. The branch should be a little curved or straight, about 5 feet long and 1 inch thick. Cut off the twigs so it is more or less smooth.



Make 2 half an inch deep grooves 1 inch away from each branch-end (they are supposed to be on the outside of the bow curve).


Pretty thing

To make a bow more pretty, wrap nylon twine around the spot where you are going to hold a bow while shooting Ė in the middle. The wrapped area should be about 8 inches, so wrapping may take a while. Donít cut off the twine before you are done, and donít forget to make a knot before & after you start wrapping.



Measure the length of the branch and cut off the piece of nylon twine that is 2 Ė 3 inches shorter.



Make a loop on one end of the twine, put it in one of the branch grooves, and tighten. Make another loop for the second groove. To get it in the groove, you will have to bend the branch a little. Be cautious Ė it may be hard and you donít want it to slip and hurt you.



Donít point a bow at a person

Donít point a bow & arrow at anyone - you may seriously hurt that person or yourself if you are not careful enough. Donít forget that a bow & arrow is still a weapon.



Donít make a bow on your own. If you are a child, you need supervision and help. If you are an adult, you still may need a helper.



In case you want to make arrows and a target, watch the video above. It offers instructions on how to make a bow, a target and arrows. Be very careful and precise when making all these things. There is nothing like having a good time outdoors, enjoying fresh air and nature especially while practicing with a bow.

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