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How to Make your Face Thinner


If you suppose that your face is too wide or round you may use the fast and simple ways to make you face seem thinner. If the plump round face is your natural feature there isn't any reason to be upset. If you choose the right hairstyle and makeup you will get a chance to look like the greatest style icons Marylin Monroe, Kelly Osborne or Drew Barrymore. The plump round face will look chubby and nice for a long time. The women who have a face of that type will retain something childlike in their whole look till the middle age.

There are some radical ways to make a round face thinner. That is plastic surgery. The doctor may shape the lower jaw and insert chin implants. However there are also pro and cons if we speak about such methods. If you don't feel like undergoing facial surgery but still wish you face look more graceful there are some less traumatizing way to trick the others into thinking you have an oval face. Use these tips to create the necessary effects.


Haircut and hairstyles

Look in the mirror and find out which parts of your face seem too wide. That may be cheeks, chin or temples. Wear your hair down to hide these protruding parts. If you wear a tight ponytail or hair bun you will create the opposite effect. If you have medium-length hair that cover your temples and cheeks you will make the others not notice your wide face. Consult your hair stylist and ask him or her which haircut would be the best for you. The shoulder-length layered haircut will make your face seem thinner. Make the side parting and side fringe. Asymmetric haircut may also be quite helpful.


Create the illusion of the thin face by using bronzing powder. Apply it below the chin. Use the bronzer 2 tones darker than your natural skin tone. That will create the depth and the volume of your face making the chin seem narrower. Apply some bronzing powder onto the widest arts of the cheeks to accentuate the cheek bones. To find the right place for bronzing powder look in the mirror and give yourself a wide smile. Apply bronzing powder onto the most protruding parts of the cheeks. Using that trick you will add relief to you face.


Wear the clothes that shows your neck. You may leave your blouse unbuttoned or wear the V-neck jerseys. Try wearing tops that accentuate your slim shoulders and long neck. That may be tight cotton T-shirts, jerseys or blouses. Try long earrings. The layered ones will also make your face seem longer and thinner. All this stuff adds length to the upper part f your body and balances the face shape.

Relieve the facial muscle strain

Try to relax your facial muscles with the help of soft massage. Such procedure will not only improve the state of your skin but also relieve the muscle tonus. Plan a visit to a SPA salon and choose facial massage and deep exfoliation.


  • Don't wear clothes that makes the upper part of your body seem shorter and plump. That are turtlenecks or loose hoodies.
  • Don't use pearl shimmer pigments in your makeup.
  • Don't wear your hair smooth.



In fact all these measure will help you to balance the shape of your face. However the better variant is to turn this peculiarity in your highlight. Think about Sarah Jessica Parker who has, well, horse-like face. However no one would call her plain.

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