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How to Make a Youtube Video


To make a YouTube video you need to know all the requirements and rules, you also have to know how to edit your videos in order to be able to upload them. There are a few ways to make a YouTube video, and we are going to cover them here: we will list all the requirements and all the kinds of videos that you can make and upload.


Upload rules

Your video has to have one of the following formats: MOV, MP4, AVI, FLV, 3GPP, WebM, MPEGPS, WMV. If your file has other format, go to this page and pick format that you have – YouTube will tell you how to convert it. To upload a video, go here, click on the upload button and select file that you want to upload. After upload is over, you will be asked to choose key words (a.k.a. tags), name for your video and modify privacy settings (decide who can see the video).

Phone or camera video for YouTube

You can easily make a video with your phone, and it doesn’t matter what phone you have. Just make a video, and if you have an Android phone, launch YouTube app, press on the account name, and then – on the upload arrow at the top of the screen. Click Add and select video that you want to upload. If you have an iDevice, use this app to upload videos that you make with your device. Or you can simply get video on your PC first and then upload it to YouTube.

Webcam video for YouTube

You can make and upload a webcam video. Do it offline, and then – upload it to YouTube or go to this page and click on the top icon from the side menu on the right (make a webcam video). Don’t worry, it won’t be visible to other users unless you publish it. Click on that icon, and you will be transferred to other page were you will need to press play in order to start recording. After you are done, you will need to choose key words for your video, name it, pick a category. Modify your privacy settings by making your video private (so no one can see it) or public. You can find these settings in the top right-hand corner. To modify video that you have made, go to the upload page (the link above) and choose to change it (side menu on the right), pick a video and add music, add text and etc.

Presentations and slide shows

If you already have a presentation or a movie maker video but for some reason can’t upload it, try changing its format as it says here. There is a way to make a slide show at YouTube: go to the upload page mentioned above and select Slide Show from the side menu. In the window that appears select pictures you want to use, choose audios from the offered list, effects and etc. To edit the ready slide show, come back to the upload page and choose Video Editor from the side menu.


  • Don't upload videos and pictures that aren't yours, those are the rules - no violations of copyrighting laws.
  • Don't make a video available if you are not done with it - modify privacy settings of that video and make it private.
  • Don't forget to come up with key words otherwise no one will be able to find your video.



We hope our instructions help you out! In case you have issues, visit pages links to which we have provided in this article - there you will find answers to all of your questions. For more information you can use this particular link - Upload Instructions and Settings.

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