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How to Make a Voodoo Doll


Making a voodoo doll is easy. Some believe that a voodoo doll is used only for evil, but it is wrong. You can use a voodoo doll to improve your own life and lives of people you care about without doing any harm. This article is provided mostly for information, and we strongly recommend that you don't use this knowledge to hurt anyone. There are a few simple rules that you have to follow and we are going to walk you through it.



Choice of a person

The best choice of the person your doll is going to represent is… you. For instance: if you want to get rich, make a doll using your hair and your clothes / your old bed linen, place it on a little throne, and place some money in its hands. It doesn't have to be exactly like that, you can improvise.


Personal item

First of all you need to get something that used to belong to the person you have in mind. It can be hair, nails, saliva, sweat, blood, sperm, an old t-shirt he / she wore for a long time, anything.



A doll can be made of wax, hair, a piece of clothes; it can be knit out of wool. A voodoo doll can be made of anything, but it is better to use natural materials. A doll should contain hair or other stuff that used to belong to this person. If you don't have anything, there is nothing you can do that can help you make a voodoo doll.


Making a doll

You should always make a doll yourself. Think of the person it represents while doing that. The doll should be infiltrated with that person's energy. The doll should always have a head, arms and legs. If you use wax, add hair / blood / nails (or whatever it is that you have) while it's still liquid. After it's done, you can wrap it in a piece of this person's clothes if you have one. First of all, melt the wax in a special pot and start pouring it on a plate, "drawing" a little person. If it doesn't come out well, you can always fix it using a knife.


Giving and releasing the name

The main thing here is to name the doll so it represents a person who it is named after. To get rid of the voodoo doll, release it. Say it out loud, say the doll does not represent that person anymore and the name no longer belongs to it.


Don't entrust anyone with the doll

Don't forget that this doll is a powerful energy channel, don't entrust anyone with it. Only you can hold it and perform the rituals (there is a plenty of rituals you can perform, you can read more about it on special sites)

Don't use it for evil

Don't forget that having a voodoo doll is dangerous and using it for evil is even more dangerous, besides, using it for evil won't make you happier. Use your voodoo doll for good. If you use it to harm others, you may regret it later.

Don't jeopardize your Christianity

It doesn't matter what religion you are, the voodoo doll will still work. But if you don't want to jeopardize your Christianity, don't use it.

Don't engage in this for fun

Some believe you have to be a representative of voodoo religion to make a voodoo doll. It is a mysterious world of magic and spirituality, you shouldn't get into this just for fun.



If you are sure this is what you want to do we hope the instructions above help you out. Remember that we provide this information for you to improve your quality of life, not ruin other people's lives. Voodoo doll is a powerful tool that can be used to bring both: good and evil.

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