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How to Make a Video


The modern human spends a lot of his time in front of the computer screen nowadays. Computer not only helps us to work, relax and get all the necessary information but it also may save the most precious moments of your life for your children and grandchildren. The first school day of our children, a day out in the park or the golden anniversary of your parents will become the part of your family chronicles if you will shoot a video.


Choose the material for your video

To make a good video first of all you will need to choose the topic for it. Define what target audience will have your final product. Make the notes that will carry the information about the theme and the plan of your video. The easiest way is to create the home video which will entertain the members of your family and serve as good practice before you start receiving real orders, such as wedding video, graduation video or birthday video .

Choose the equipment carefully

That may be ether a professional video camera, a plain digital camera or web camera. The equipment choice generally depends upon the aim of your video. If you have to make a quality video of your friend's wedding or your daughter's graduation day it is better to lease a professional camera of you know how to use it of course. If you are going to lead a video blog it is sensible to use a high quality web camera. It will create the illusion that your viewers talk to you in private. Web cam is possible to be used almost everywhere. You may take it with you while traveling to share your experience with your followers. Using the digital camera may sound ridiculous if we talk about some professional shooting but it is exactly what you need in some cases. Usually some catchy moments are shot via the cell phone cam or digital camera. You may use the video shoot mode each time you see something funny, scary or unusual such as spectacular lightning stroke or squirrel sitting on your knee. That type of video is also rather popular among the Internet users.

Now think about the setting and press the "Shoot" button

You may either make a lot of tries aiming to catch the right moment or just shoot everything at once, that depends upon the situation.

Edit your videos

After you have a lot of material shot you face the most important moment. It is time to edit your video. You will have to choose the video editing software. You may either buy, download a free one or use the standard application that is usually included in the OS standard package.

Use some special effects if necessary

As soon as the basic succession of frames is ready you may start thinking about some special effects. Of course you are unlikely to create something resembling a Hollywood blockbuster film but take into consideration the fact that effects may make your video an outstanding and unique one.


Don't forget about the sound

The right soundtrack will make the process of watching your video far more pleasant. Moreover it will create the required atmosphere and will be able to carry some additional meaning.

Don't add too much popping up and floating text

All the remarks should be used only when it is necessary. Too much of them will distract the viewers. The integrated text should be used only in the case when it is impossible to explain the situation in other way.



After you have carried out all the necessary procedures and have received the outcome video watch it once more. Make sure that it doesn't contain any defects or discrepancies. If you still have come across some mistakes correct them.

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