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How to Make a Toga Out of a Sheet


Toga is a type of clothing that we associate with Roman Empire. It is easy to make, besides, this type of clothes is very convenient for hot weather, although today people almost never wear it. If you want to make a toga for some sort of event, celebration or just because you like this type of clothing then use instructions presented below. Today toga can be used as a beach dress or Halloween costume. Making it will take only 5 Ė 30 minutes (5 - if you are making it out of a sheet and 30 - if you are sewing it).



Toga style for women

You will need:

a bed sheet;

a nice brooch;

a few pins;

a belt or a rope


Wrap toga around your chest and pin fabric in the spot where it meets itself. Take the end that you were holding when wrapping sheet around your body, and wrap it around yourself again, only this time throw the end around the shoulder after you drive it behind your back. Use a brooch to attach that end to the chest. Then use a belt or a rope to wrap it around the waist. Wear sandals and bracelets with your toga, they will complete your image.


Toga style for men

You will need:

just a bed sheet


Making toga for men is a little bit easier than making it for women, as men donít have so much to hide. Take a sheet and tie two of its ends above one of your shoulders so it covers your body. Take the opposite edge of the sheet (the one that touches the ground), grab both ends and fold the edge under, wrap it around your waist and tie ends in a knot. If you have trouble doing so, watch the video attached below.


  • If you are planning on going out like this, don't forget to take extra pins or something else to secure the bed sheet so it doesn't slip or untie.
  • Don't use an old bed sheet to make a toga - it will look very untidy. Make sure your toga looks like toga and not just as a bed sheet - you don't want to look ridiculous;
  • If you are a woman, pick a brooch carefully Ė give it a lot of thought because you donít want it to unhook and hurt you.
  • We recommend to avoid wearing toga unless you are planning to attend a costume party, are going to take part in a play or some kind of celebration. Otherwise some people may think you are a freak.

Video (toga for women)

Video (toga for men)


Toga is a great Halloween costume: you can be a cupid, a Greek god or a goddess. Toga can be used as a beach dress - it is very convenient. Match shoes and hairstyles and you will have a very simple and cool Halloween outfit for a penny.

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