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How to Make a Solar Oven


If you live anywhere on this planet, you know that Earth is facing a lot of problems these days: greenhouse effect, pollution, cataclysms, Justin Bieber… That's more than enough to get exhausted. Why not trying to ease the suffering a little bit? Making a custom solar oven is a good start. You would be surprised to know that it's as easy to make as a paper project in the kindergarten. All you need is some cardboard, tinfoil, glue, and desire to live eco-frindly life.


You'll need:

2 cardboard boxes of different sizes;

Pizza box;

A piece of plexiglass;

Reflective material;


Old newspapers;



All you need to make a custom solar oven is a couple of cardboard boxes (feel free to go to your local grocery store and ask if they have some boxes that you can take). You need 2 boxes of different sizes with the smaller one about 18x20 and the bigger one about 2-x22. You'll also need an empty pizza box - you want to use it as a lid for your oven.

  • Cut a flat opening on your pizza box - that's going to be a reflector.
  • Glue a square-shaped piece of plexiglass to a "lid" - it helps heat up the box. You can also use a piece of regular glass, but it is heavier and more fragile than plexiglass.
  • Apply some glue to the box, press the glass to the bottom, and set the box aside to let the glue dry.
  • Meanwhile, cover the bottom of the smaller box with black metal construction paper. That's going to be a great heating surface.
  • Put this small box into the larger box and fill the spaces between the two with shredded newspapers for insulation.
  • Then, grab some tinfoil and glue it on the sides of a smaller box and also on the opening part of the pizza box. Make sure it's nice and even and there are no wrinkles on the surface.
  • Now, all you need to do is assemble the parts together, go outside, and try to cook something in your new handmade eco-friendly oven.

To use your solar oven, just install it outside facing the sun, let it heat for 30-40 minutes, use a cooking thermometer to check the temperature outside, and cook whatever you want.


  • Don't try to use your solar oven on a rainy or cloudy day. As the name suggests, solar ovens only work when it's sunny.
  • Don't turn the reflector away from the sun. You want the angle of the reflector should be tilted towards sun for maximum exposure.



Big deeds consist of simple little things that each of us contributes in proportion to our abilities. One single solar oven won't stop global warming, but a hundred of ovens used on a sunny day instead of regular ovens will be a relief for our planet. As you can see, making a solar oven at home is fairly easy and doesn't require any investments. With a basic set of materials and tools, you can make your own solar panel in an hour or so. All in all, give it a try in order to give this planet a chance!

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