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How to Make a Paper Flower


Making an origami lily is pretty easy. If you are new to origami, you should begin by making a paper lily. Roses are believed to be more beautiful, but they are much harder to make. You can try to make a paper rose once yo master your skills. But for now, read our instructions in order to make a beautiful origami lily. If you are not a big fan of written origami instructions, just watch the video attached below.



Square sheet of paper

Take a square piece of paper. If you don’t have one, just take an A4 sheet of paper and make a square: place a sheet of paper in front of you as if it were an album sheet. Take the upper left hand corner and fold it down so it reaches the bottom side of the sheet, and the left side of the sheet levels with it. Tear off the uncovered part – you got the square sheet of paper folded it two.


A flower-like model

Unfold it and fold it other way so there are two fold-lines crossing the square and dividing it into 4 equal parts (triangles). Take this sheet of paper as if it were a bowl and clench it a little to get a four-sided flower-like figure with 4 corners reminding petals. Clench it so it’s completely flat.



Once you unfold it you will see that square is now divided by the creases not in four, but in 8 equal parts. When folded it looks like a triangle with 4 corners (reminding petals) at the base. Pull one corner to the top of the triangle. Do the same with the corner right next to it, so the two folded corners (shaped as triangles) meet and make a rhombus.



Flip the figure to the other side and repeat the procedure with the other two corners, you will get a rhombus. Transform the rhombus so the “seams” where the folded corners meet are hidden. Take the right hand corner of the rhombus and tuck it into the left one (as the paper was folded many times there is supposed to be a little “pocket”)


Opened flower

Flip the flower to the other side and do the same. What you get is going to remind a closed flower, you will need to unfold some of its corners so it is “open”. Take the folded flower and place it pockets down. Bend out the top corners that can be unfolded. Be careful – the flower is easy to tear apart.



The stem can be placed in a little hole at the base of the flower. Feel free to use a pink, white, red, blue, purple or yellow paper to make a flower and green – to make a stem.


  • Don't forget to get some extra sheets of paper in case you can't make a paper flower on the first try. You probably need a little practice.
  • Don't get upset if you can't make a flower, the main thing here is accuracy. Just try again.
  • Don't use colored sheets of paper when making a paper flower for the first time. Practice using old newspapers.



There is a plenty of tutorials on how to make paper flowers (origami flowers), this particular tutorial is about how to make a paper lily (not a paper rose), making a lily is easier, this is why a beginner should try and make a paper lily first.

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