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How to Make a Ouija Board


Ouija board is a board that is used for proceeding seances and for communicating with spirits. This special board contains all the most needed written board to help to communicate with raised spirits. The most basic Ouija board contains all the letters of alphabet, all the numbers from 0 to 9 and words "yes" and "no". As an option you can add "Hello" and "Goodbye" words to set the beginning and ending of the seance. Sessions with Ouija board could be really exciting, especially for those, who believe in spirits and possibility of communication with them.

Ouija boards could be bought in specific stores which products are somehow connected with spirituality, metaphysical things and other similar topics. Or you can buy Ouija board online, for example. But why paying more when you can make Ouija board at home yourself.


As we've said, Ouija board is created for non-verbal (or one-way verbal only) communication with spirits. In order to let the spirits talk to you too, you need to make sure your Ouija board has all the most important and needed elements written on it.

You'll need:




  • Take a piece of paper and a contrast marker. Think about the size of your future Ouija board, if you are planning to arrange seances that involve a lot of people, take a piece of paper of a bigger size.
  • In the middle of the paper you've chose, draw letters starting from A to Z. You can place them in 2 rows (the first is from A to M and the second one is from N to Z), in 3 rows (the first one is from A to H, the second one is from I to Q, the third one is from R to Z) or you can place the letters in a form ?? a circle. As an alternative, you can print the alphabet and cut each letter from the paper and glue them to a paper that would be a Ouija board.
  • Now you need to draw numbers from 1 to 9 and 0 in the end. Place the line of numbers either under the lines with letters or in between the lines with letters if the letters are drawn in 2 lines or in the center of circle of letters if you've created a circle of letters.
  • Place the word "Yes" in the right part of Ouija board and the word "No" in the right one. You can choose sides or corners, it doesn't really matter actually.
  • Add "Goodbye" or "Bye" word in the lower part of the Ouija board. This would be an indicator that seance with a spirit is over.

When all the steps are done, your Ouija board is perfectly ready.


Don't place numbers and letter too close to each one

You need to understand clearly on which symbol a spirit is pointing.



First of all, when you make Ouija board at home, you can save yourself some money. For example, if you just want to try out how it works, you might not like seances at all, what then should you do with an expensive pretty hand made wooden Ouija board you've just bought? In addition to that, Ouija board made of paper is not any worse than those ones that you can buy at a store.

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