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How to Make a Movie


The active people always try to change the world and declare their ideas to the whole humanity. In the best case of this situation development this will result in building the incredible career. In the worst cases that will end in the world catastrophe. But there is also the peculiar cast of the dreamers who are ready to create their own world. And what can be better than writing a book or creating the movie? In fact these two things are close to each other and differ only in the method of perception. The book is perceived verbally and the movie is perceived visually. When you write a book you leave the great opportunity for the readers to imagine how the described world looks like. But if you are shooting the movie you offer the viewer to accept your seeing of the imaginary world. It is very interesting to become a writer. But many people will agree that to become a film producer is much more interesting.

We won't tell you about the fact how difficult it is to get in the Hollywood. Of course it is complicated to find the money to promote your project. However any kind of dream has the right to become true. That is why you need to apply some efforts instead of waiting the sudden luck to come out of the blue. So what will be your plans if you wish to shoot a movie?


Be sure about the successful result

To start with you will need the feeling of confidence and being sure that everything will be OK. All the rest problems will appear in the moment when you will understand that if you wouldn't shoot your film your life may be supposed to be failed. Now the decision is finally made. Let us shoot!

Define your goals

First of all you will need to decide for yourself clearly what do you want from your movie. That may be the movie that you will demonstrate only to your closest friends and relatives. However you may appear to be far more ambitious. If shooting a film is just another entertainment for you you will need one set of equipment. In the case you wish to turn making movies into your professional occupation you will need another setting, the well-built script, the completely another stock of actors and the professional equipment. Of course there is no need to mention that you need to have your own unique idea in all the cases.

Hire the specialists

Making any kind of movie is the difficult and complicated work that is supposed to be more romantic and easy than it actually is. In reality it contains far more problems and far less magic. If you have no opportunity to hire the highly qualified specialists you will have to do a lot of difficult things by yourself.

Promote your product

To remove some veil of mystery it is necessary to mention that shooting any kind of movie, even the fantastic or magic one is nothing more than just the process of production with all the consequent aspects. And the ready film is the object of trading as any other product. If you wish to do everything by yourself you will need to have the talent of not only the producer and the artist but also the talent of promoter and market specialist.

Make your movie step by step

After you have decided that the idea and the script are OK you need to hire all the necessary specialists. Divide the script into the separate parts. Shoot the parts one by one in any order you find it suitable. When you will be editing the final version you will arrange the episodes in the chronological order.

Synchronize your movie

After that you will have to synchronize the movie. That is the basic process of making the movie. If you wish to shoot the amateur one you will need to have some basic knowledge of camera operating at least.


  • Don't suppose that making a film is very easy.
  • Don't try to perform all the functions by yourself. Hire the specialists.
  • Don't take everything seriously. Get pleasure from making a movie.



In fact it will be difficult to shoot the professional blockbuster if you haven't any special education. You may turn shooting the short movies into an interesting hobby for you and your friends. Today the movies are even more popular than books. Producing movies is the great perspective for making an incredible career.

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