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How to Make a Martini


Martini is one of the most popular cocktails in the USA. When made right is tastes nicely, and the taste itself is quite colorful. There is a plenty of martini recipes, and they make martini drinks taste differently. Here is a couple of them.

Martini is traditionally made of two alcoholic beverages: gin and dry vermouth. Vermouth is a strong wine made of herbs, the main herb that gives it this specific taste is wormwood. To make it more pleasant to drink, more than 30 other herbs are added to it, they are: cinnamon, mint, ginger, raspberry, cardamom, wild germander, coriander, lungwort and other ingredients (which are kept in secret).

The cocktail is great for a nice pleasant conversation and for boosting your appetite before meal. It is supposed to be drunk slowly.



Classic Martini

To make a martini you need to pour gin and vermouth into a mixing glass and add some ice cubes. All these ingredients are to be mixed right away. Martini is supposed to be served without ice ("straight up") in a cool glass, with an olive or a piece of lemon.

As mentioned above, there are different variations of this drink, but the standard ingredients are gin and dry vermouth in proportions 5 to 1. According to the Savory Cocktail Book, the ingredients are to be stirred, but today many prefer them shaken (perhaps many of you remember that a famous movie character James Bond liked his martini shaken).

Martini used to be made of gin with sweet vermouth, and in case a customer wanted it with dry (white) vermouth, he / she asked about it individually.


Martini on the rocks

Martini on the rocks is the kind of martini that is made by pouring all the ingredients over ice cubes in a regular glass.


Dirty Martini

If you want to try a dirty martini then you should add a little bit olive juice to it.


Vodka Martini

Many people prefer vodka martini (or kangaroo cocktail) where vodka is used instead of gin.

Martini is traditionally served in a cocktail glass edges of which are covered in sugar. Instead of a green olive or a lemon skin, a straw with a piece of chocolate can be served.


  • If you haven't decided what to serve with your martini, you may want to consider shrimps, they go great with this drink, just like any other seafood. In this case grilled shrimps are going to be the best.
  • Martini should be served with light snacks (like a salad) in a glass with a long stem.


Keep proportions

If you make martini with vodka, don't add too much. Follow your taste - you do it for you. If you don't like too much alcohol, add more juice / sprite, it is your choice.



Martini is an old drink based on herbs which makes it less harmful than other alcohol beverages. All you need is mind proportions and follow your taste. If you have martini at home, you can have friends over anytime, you will always have a great time and a great talk over a nice martini glass. Remember that martini helps your appetite, and if you drink more than one glass, you better have more snacks! Good luck making your first martini cocktail.

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