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How to Make a Cosmopolitan


Carrie Bradshaw's drink of choice wasn't random - a classical Cosmo is an elegantly served and delicious beverage that you can sip all night long and remain comparatively sober. Feminine but strong, tasty but pretty intoxicating, it can turn even a boring party into a lot of fun… at least, for you. That's a perfect beverage for any girls' party, and if you are throwing one, you need to know how to make it right.


You'll need:

1 1/3 oz vodka;

1/3 oz orange liqueur;

1/3 oz cranberry juice;

1 lime;

1 orange;

Ice cubes



Get your tools

You're going to need some tools. First and foremost, you'll need a shaker. You can buy one in Walmart at a low price or shop online. You're also going to need some martini glasses and single or double shot measures.


Mix the ingredients

  • Fill your martini glasses with ice cubes and set them aside to cool.
  • Mix vodka, orange liqueur, and cranberry juice in a mixing glass.
  • Wash your lime and pat with a paper towel.
  • Cut it in 4 wedges and squeeze the juice into the mixing glass. Drop the wedges in and add some ice cubes.

Shake it!

Cover the mixing glass with the second part of the shaker, hold them tight with your hands and turn it so that the glass part is on top. Shake it for 20 seconds.



Put the strainer over the shaker and pour your Cosmo into martini glasses.

Wash the orange and pat it dry with a paper towel. Cut it in 4 wedges and slice each wedge. Then, slightly cut each slice in the middle. Do the same with the remaining wedges of the lime and use them to garnish the glasses.


Blue Cosmopolitan

You can also try some variations of this cocktail, for example the one called Blue Cosmopolitan. It's basically the same drink, but you use Blue Curacao instead of orange liqueur and white cranberry juice instead of the regular juice. The proportions remain the same.



Alternatively, try to make Cosmocello - this is the same beverage in terms of ingredients and techniques with only 1 difference: you use lemoncello instead of limes.


  • Don't use cheap cranberry juice for this cocktail. It can change the taste. Look for natural fresh juices.
  • Don't pour too much cranberry juice into the cocktail even if you love the taste. It's only there for some extra color.
  • Don't use cheap orange liqueurs for this drink. They are too sweet and you may be disappointed about the taste. Triple sec is a perfect choice.
  • Don't forget to change your ice cubes to avoid diluting the drink with the melted water.
  • Don't forget the strainer! You don't want to choke with small pieces of lime or ice when you drink your cocktail.



Cosmopolitan is one of the easiest drinks to make, and doubtlessly the most popular booze at glamorous parties. Just don't let its soft and nice taste mislead you! It's really strong, and most people only need a couple of glasses to get pretty drunk.

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