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How to Make a Bow Tie


A bow tie is pretty hard to tie. If you get one from a store you will have to spend a significant amount of time every day trying to tie it before you finally learn to do it quickly. It is much easier to make a bow tie at home and wear it every day without tying it. Here we offer you a few ways to make a bow tie that you can put on within a couple of seconds. It is surprisingly easy.


You will need

  • a piece of fabric that is hard to wrinkle (it can be cotton or even denim), but the final choice is yours, you can pick any fabric you want;
  • thread;
  • needle;
  • elastic band;
  • small button ;
  • scissors;
  • a small piece of dry soap;
  • measuring tape.



Choose a bow size

Figure out what size bow you want to make. If you want your tie to be 2x4 inches, use a piece of soap to draw a 4x8 rectangle on the piece of fabric. It has to be twice as big as the bow you want to make. Allow 1/5 inch extra space around the piece (to sew the tie). Cut out the rectangle.


Start to sew

Fold the piece of fabric in two, length-wise, wrong side out. Sew all the sides together to get a square piece that is a little bigger than 2x4 inches. You will have to turn it inside out (to be precise, right side out) through a cut.


Make a cut

Make a small vertical cut on the only side of the tie you didnít have to sew and turn the tie inside out. This square piece is your future bow tie. Now you need to fix that hole and hide the seam behind another piece of fabric.


Hide the cut

Make a few neat stitches to hide the cut that you used to turn your bow inside out. It is supposed to be in the middle so when you shape the piece into a bow and wrap a fabric strap around it this seam is hidden.


Make a strap

Cut out a thin strap and wrap it around the tie (in the center). Make a few stitches on the back so your tie doesnít fall apart.


Attach elastic

Measure your neck and cut off a piece of elastic band of the same size. Sew a button on one of its ends and attach its center to the back of the bow. Make a button hole on the other side of the band.


  • Donít forget to try on the elastic band before you attach a bow to it. If it is too tight, use other piece Ė you donít want to be suffocating when you wear your tie.
  • Donít make a cut without a measuring tape or a ruler. It has to be exactly in the middle, so you can sew and hide it afterward.



This is the easy way to make a bow tie. The video displays other way to make a bow tie, feel free to use it if you like it better; although we find the method described in writing fail-proof. All you need is a little practice and you will look amazing!

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