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How to Make a Balloon Arch


Balloon arches look charming. A balloon arch is a great decoration for any event: birthdays, weddings, proms, and etc. Balloon arch is actually very easy to make, but it takes a while, as there are too many balloons to inflate and fixate. There are two major ways to make a balloon arch. Since a balloon arch is supposed to stand upright, balloons either have to be filled with helium or they have to be attached to something steady (like an extension pole). The technique is very simple, all you have to do is follow step by step instructions below.



A balloon arch made of helium balloons

You will need:

A plenty of balloons filled with helium or balloons and a helium keg;

A 50lb string;

Some sand


  • Inflate 4 balloons of two different colors.
  • Twist two balloons of the same color together.
  • Then twist two balloons of the other color together.
  • Twist two couples of balloons together so colors alternate.
  • Fixate the string by tying its ends to a solid base.
  • Attach a balloon cluster to the string.
  • Keep making balloon clusters and attaching them to the string by twisting them around it.
  • Once you are done, attach something heavy to the arch ends (like balloons filled with sand). And place the arch where you want it.

A balloon arch with an extension pole

You will need:

balloon rings and balloons;

an extension pole;

something to use as an arch base


  • Inflate balloons.
  • Slip a tied balloon into notch with knot inside the ring. Balloon rings are sold in packs: rings with 4 slots for balloon clusters of 4.
  • Add 3 more to get one whole balloon cluster.
  • Keep making balloon clusters until you are out of balloons.
  • Insert balloon rings over extension pole or arch cord to create an arch.
  • You can experiment with colors: your arch can be of 1, 2, 3 or even 4 colors!
  • Make sure you make identical clusters, and inserts them over the pole shifting a little bit so you get color lines go neatly.


  • Don't get upset if something goes wrong. Remember, that you probably are going to need a helper (if it is your first time making a balloon construction).
  • Be careful and make sure you don't pop balloons that are already attached to the string.
  • Before you start to make a balloon arch, don't forget to watch a few videos on how it is done.



A balloon arch is going to look wonderful in any building and can be used for any occasion. All you need is some time and patience, and maybe a friend's assistance. Don't be afraid to experiment with decorations and the event you are planning will be perfect.

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