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How to Make Vodka


No doubt that there are dozens of kinds of vodka of all sorts and kinds, some of them are top shelf and you don't even have a hangover no matter how much you drink. There are also unusual types of vodka, for example infused types and flavored vodka (vanilla, orange, citrus, berries and even bacon and cotton candy flavored ones). The list of ingredients is usually placed somewhere on the bottle and you ca always take a look what exactly a certain type of vodka is made of. But who knows if the manufacturer was completely honest about what they have used during the making of this vodka you are going to drink. So if you are one of those people who are really suspicious about everything and trying to make everything homemade or you are just trying to save some money by making good quality homemade vodka, the following instructions is just right for you.


Obviously, to make vodka, you''l require pure alcohol, water, glucose or dextrose. You'll also require an areometer to check the strength of your vodka.


Make sure you are using pure medical or ethyl alcohol. The chemical composition of these 2 types of alcohol is almost the same, exception is that medical alcohol is made form ethyl alcohol. For homemade vodka there is basically no difference whether you use the first of the second type of alcohol. Before you start making your vodka, check the strength of alcohol with areometer and remember the index of strength of alcohol you are going to use.


In a perfect recipe you should use spring water for making vodka out of alcohol. You can of course use water from bottles but don't use boiled or distilled water, such water will poorly dissolve alcohol. Water for vodka making should contain a bit of salts.

Glucose or dextrose

If you don't know where to buy it, you can make it at home, Take 1 kilo of sugar and dissolve it in 1 liter of water. Keep it of low heat and start simmering it. During this process, there will be foam on the surface of the water, remove it constantly. Dextrose is counted to be ready if there is no more foam on the surface.


When we have all the ingredients ready, it's high time to mix vodka and alcohol. Perfect vodka strength is counted to be 40 degrees. Here is the table that shows how much water you should add to 100 ml of alcohol depending on the degrees of its strength:

95 degrees - 145 ml of water;

90 degrees - 131 ml of water;

85 degrees - 117 ml of water;

80 degrees - 104 ml of water;

75 degrees - 91 ml of water;

70 degrees - 78 ml of water;

65 degrees - 65 ml of water;

60 degrees - 52 ml of water;

55 degrees - 39 ml of water;

50 degrees - 26 ml of water.


Take a large bowl, add water. Then add a bit of glucose. Now it's time to add alcohol. Pour everything into a bottle, close it and stir the bottle vigorously. Open up the bottle, add 2 tablets of activated charcoal. In 2 hours, filter vodka through folded in multiple layers cheese cloth. Now pour vodka into bottles and close the caps carefully.


Don't try to make vodka from bread, potatoes, grapes and other things, this will not be vodka, this will be an unknown alcoholic infusion. The only way of making good quality home made vodka is out of alcohol.



Making homemade vodka guarantees you will receive good quality product that is clear from any chemicals or preservatives. It takes not much of efforts but it also gives you the feeling that you sure of high quality of the product you are consuming.

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