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How to Make Tuna Salad


Salads with the sea fish are supposed to be one of the healthiest dishes. That's why recipe of a tuna salad will suit everyone who keeps to a healthy diet and controls his or her state of health. Vegetables make it even more useful for the organism. That means tuna salad will be recipe suitable both for a fancy celebration table and the every day one. It is easier to cook the salad with the canned tuna or some other sea fish like trout or salmon. That is one of the reasons why the salad with the canned tuna is so popular. One can of tuna will be enough for one average bowl of the salad.



Fresh tuna salad


1 can of tuna;

4 tomatoes or up to 10 cherry tomatoes;

1 punch of parsley, fennel and other culinary herbs;

2 tablespoonfuls of olive oil;

vinegar to taste;

Roman salad or lettuce (optional);

olives (optional);

mozzarella (optional);

sweet canned corn;




  • Take tuna and mash it with the fork.
  • Take the tomatoes and cut them into the small pieces. Remove the tomato seeds.
  • Now take some parsley and fennel. Cut the culinary herbs. Mix all the ingredients together and add some olive oil.
  • Add any of the optional ingredients to your taste;
  • If you wish you may add some spices and ground black pepper to the salad. Season it with the sea salt with large grains.

Tuna salad with eggs and rice


1 or 2 boiled chicken eggs;

4 tomatoes;

1 sweet paprika;

1 cup of boiled white rice;



2 tablespoonfuls of olive oil


  • If you want to eat something more significant try to make tuna salad with egg or tuna salad with rice. Use one of the vegetable salads with tuna as the basis for this recipe.
  • Take an egg or two. Boil them in the water and let them cool down naturally. To make the eggs peel easier add 1 teaspoon of baking soda to the water before you boil the eggs. That will make the peel come off almost effortlessly.
  • Cut the boiled eggs into small cubes and add them to the vegetable salad with tuna.
  • Make the white rice. Add it to the salad as well.
  • Stir the salad well and add the spices according to your taste.

Other variations of this salad

Another variant is to cook the tuna salad with avocado. The matter is that the refined taste of avocado will underline the taste and aroma of tuna as well. Just add the cut avocado to your salad. That is the classic French recipe to make the avocado salad with tuna. To make the French Nicoise just add some small anchovies to the salad. This salad does not only taste heavenly but also look great. It is not an occasion that it was created by the French chefs in Nice.


Sweet tuna salad


1 can of tuna;

1 cut apple;

1 can of cut pineapples;

1 cut celery stem;

1 handful of sweet almond;

1/2 teaspoon of curry powder;

3 tablespoonfuls of liquid yogurt or sour cream;

some leaves of fresh lettuce


  • Another variant of tuna salad is the one with the apples and pineapple bites.
  • Take canned tuna and mash it with the fork. Mix the additional ingredients in a separate bowl.
  • Take cut apple, pineapple pieces, celery stem, almond, some onion leaves, 1/2 teaspoon of curry and 3 tablespoonfuls of liquid yogurt.
  • Add mashed tuna and serve the salad on the lettuce leaves.
  • You may also use the bread toasts as will instead of lettuce leaves.


  • Don't cut the lettuce. It is better to tear the leaves by hand. They will release less juice.
  • Don't leave the tuna salad more than for three days.
  • Don't store it in the warm place.



As any other salad, the one with tuna is rather easy to make - just chop all the ingredients and mix them together. Tuna has a rather specific smell so if you have leftovers of the salad you better keep it in a container with a closed lid.

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