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How to Make Sugar Crystals


What is a crystal? Of course almost everyone intuitively knows the answer for that question. However you may have wondered what makes a crystal. Now let us try to answer this question. First of all let us remember that all the objects that surround us may remain in one of the three possible states of matter: liquid, gas or solid. Of course there is also plasm but we deal with it extremely seldom in the everyday life. The solid state of matter is interesting for us at the present moment. Unlike the gas and the liquid objects the solid ones retain their form steadily. The gas and the liquids change their volume and shape. The solid objects may be divided into the two large groups: crystalline and amorphous. The amorphous objects are like the glass, thick methacrylate resins. The crystalline objects are baking salt and baking soda, sugar, sulphate of copper or black chalk. The crystalline objects are characterized by one peculiarity. The matter is that the atoms of such object are situated according to some definite pattern. The atoms can't change their place in the frame of the crystalline grid unlike the ones of the amorphous objects where the atoms may change their position.


Get some sugar

Like the plain baking soda and salt sugar is the object that can be found in any house. Sugar is the thing that can make a good solid crystal without much bothering unlike the baking salt. Now let us talk about the whole procedure of growing the sugar crystal.

Prepare the saturated sugar solution

The technique of growing the sugar crystals is the same as the one of growing salt ones. First of all you will need to prepare the reservoir which will contain the saturated sugar solution. In that reservoir the crystals will grow. After that make the saturated sugar solution. It is sensible to use the hot water for the faster dissolving of the sugar. In the hot water sugar can be diluted faster than in the cold one.

Make the crystallizing center

After you have made the saturated solution you need to choose the center of crystallizing. That may be any small sugar crystal you like. It is better to choose the bigger ones among the small to boost up the speed of the process. You may also take the thick thread and dip it into the saturated solution. After several seconds take the thread out of the solution and dry it. Yo will see the first crystals of sugar on it. They will be the base for the future larger crystals. After the drying dip the thread with the crystals into the solution once more. Attach one end of the thread to the pencil and fix the small weight to the opposite end. In that way you will be sure that the thread is remaining in the vertical position.

Wait for the crystal to grow

Cover the reservoir with the film or just the thick sheet of paper to prevent dust and some other objects from getting into the pan. Place the reservoir in the place with the steady room temperature. The best place is under your bed.

Now all you have to do is just to have enough patience and wait for the crystal to grow.

Add sugar from time to time to your solution

You will have to add some sugar into the solution to support its chemical balance and keep it the saturated one. That will encourage the process of the sugar crystals growing. However too much sugar won't speed the process up.


  • Don't add too much sugar. It is useless as the excessive sugar won't take part in the process. It will just fall onto the bottom.
  • Don't change the room temperature. That will have the negative influence on the quality of the crystal.
  • Don't move the pan. It will damage the crystal structure.



Now you know how to grow a sugar crystal. That may be a good idea for a science project.You may also try to add some food colors to grow a green or violet sugar crystal. Basically it takes several months to grow the large one.

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