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How to Make Small Talk


A small talk can be awkward for a plenty of reasons: you may not feel like talking to anyone, or you feel uncomfortable talking to people that you donít really know and they feel uncomfortable talking to you. But there are ways to make a small talk pleasant. There are a few simple rules: the plan of a conversation if you will, and it will help you make a small talk.




When you see a person, greet them and make it sound sincere. Smile and be polite, but make sure it looks and sounds natural. Remember that a sincere smile doesnít appear in half a second, smile slowly, like a normal person, and let your smile go the long way.


Talk about small things

Small talks should be about something insignificant. The conversation should be relaxed, and it should be pleasant. Make a small compliment: about something you actually like (no need to lie here). If a person is wearing clothes that are too light or too warm, you can comment on the weather ďItís finally stopped raining! I was thinking about wearing a skirt, too. Yours is nice by the way!Ē Try to notice at least one little thing and say something about it. Small talk itís just a few sentences and you can comment on the weather, or Red Sox game, or a nice new haircut of your co-worker (the one you are talking to of course). If you are in an elevator with someone, going from work at 11 p.m., you can say something like ďLong day, huh?Ē Try to find a little something that unites you and this person at this particular moment.


Show your interest

Show genuine interest, and if after a couple of phrases you run out of things to talk about, ask a question (not a personal one). When you listen to a person, always think what you can ask next in case it gets hard. Use a soft tone and smile (don't grin) so your questions donít sound rude. If the person tells you something you agree with, you must tell them about it. And if they tell you a story and you can relate, tell them about that. This way your small talk can turn into a very interesting conversation.


Say your good byes

When you have to go do something, tell the person it was really nice talking to her/him, smile and leave. Never forget to say it was nice meeting them.


  • Never look down or touch your face when making a small talk: it will look like you are trying to get rid of a person or are not being sincere.
  • Donít try to pretend you didnít notice or recognize a person, if you get caught then you will never manage to be friends with the person you were ignoring.
  • When trying to be nice and polite, make sure your voice doesnít sound all high and squeaky, in other words: donít overdo it.



Small talk shouldn't be awkward. If you master your skills, it will be very pleasant, besides, if you learn to make small talk well, you will easily make friends, as many friends as you want; you will be able to talk to a man or a woman that you like, it is always nice.

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