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How to Make Simple Syrup


If you are going to cook jam or sweet buns with icing you will probably need the sweet syrup as one of the ingredients. It isn't difficult to make the sugar syrup at all if you know for sure what do you need. Here is the list of products that are necessary to make a simple syrup: sugar and clean water (the proportion is 1 : 1). Doesn't seem to complicated, does it? You will need a pan and a steel stirring spoon.

You can use this syrup in making mixed drinks and cooking as well. You can place it in a bottle with a cap so it's easier to serve it

Follow these clear and brief instructions to get the perfect sweet syrup.







Pour the water into the pan and add the sugar

The proportion of these two components should be 1 to 1. Stir the mixture with the spoon and put the pan on the intensive fire with its one side to provide the single side spot of heat. While the pan will be heated the thick and dense foam which should be removed from time to time.


High heat

After the foam formation has ceased place the pan on the fire so that it would be heated evenly. Don't lessen the fire. You may stir your syrup once more. Now all you have to do is to regulate the proportion of water and sugar to reach the one you need. That will depend upon your final goal. The various syrup types are used to make sponge cake dipping, icing or home-made caramel.


The first probe

The proportion of water and sugar is 1 to 1. You don't need to boil the mixture. It is enough just to dilute the sugar with water. You may use the following simple method to find out if the syrup is ready. Take a drop of syrup and cool it down. Press it between the two fingers. If they became sticky your syrup is ready. It contains 50 % of water and 50 % of sugar.


The second stage

(75 % of sugar and 25 % of water) is reached if a drop of syrup pressed between your fingers leaves a thin thread when you draw your fingers apart. If you don't feel like covering your fingers with syrup try to put a small drop on a plate and press it with a spoon. Lift the spoon. If you see a thin thread your syrup is ready.


The third probe

(85 % of sugar and 15 % of water). The method of checking is the same but the thread of sugar should be thicker.


The fourth probe

The syrup should be much thicker. If you try to stir it with the spoon you will see that you apply more effort to move the spoon inside the sugary mass. It contains 90 % of sugar and only 10 % of water. Take some syrup with a spoon and put it in a glass with cold water. You will see that you may form a soft ball from the sugary mass. This stage is enough if you want to do sugaring. Pommel and stretch the ball in your palms. It should change its color from amber to golden. That is the perfect body for carrying out the depilation.


The fifth probe

It is checked as the fourth one but the ball of sugar in your palms should be solid and hard.


The sixth probe

There is too little water left- only 2 %. On this step your syrup will turn into caramel and you will find out that it is impossible to make a ball. The mass will break and crumble. It is not stick any more and you may try to bite a piece. It will chip. You have just made your own caramel.


No more cooking after 5th stage

Don't continue cooking after the fifth stage otherwise a dense smelly choking smoke will spread all over your house.

Don't try the hot syrup

It may cause severe burnings.



The plain syrup may be used in many dishes typical mainly of the Mediterranean cuisine. If you think that you may use the sugar syrup only for making the candy or some other dessert you are mistaken. The sugar syrup is often served with the fried meat steaks or vegetables.

Besides that you may try sugaring. That is the hair removal method that was popular in the Eastern countries in the ancient times.

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