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How to Make Rum


Motherland of alcoholic aroma beverage called rum is the island Barbados. Inhabitants of Barbados have developed the technology of making rum by filtering, attenuation and further processing of the left outs which used to remain non-demanded after sugar was produced. Cane sugar and syrup are the basic rum ingredients. These products make main components of rum, home brew. After the home brew got ready it was processed in several steps. During processing various aromatic components and spices were added to raw rum. Usually that were cinnamon, wild mint and different culinary herbs possessing strong aroma. However rum producing process as producing process of any luxury alcoholic beverage can't be fulfilled in a hurry. Only after being kept in oak barrels for many years rum can be considered to be ready. Transparent clear fluid which remains after all the processing steps have been carried out isn't the real rum yet. Oak barrels contribute to the taste and the smell of the future rum. Only after being kept in the oak barrels a part of yet raw rum turns into real rum alcohol. After that the rum is being blended. Blending has the most literal meaning. In the process of this procedure various sorts of rum are being mixed together indeed. Rum alcohol may also be blended with water, sugar syrup or herbal extracts. That is when the famous pirate beverage is ready to be drunk.



34oz of vodka;

1 cup of sugar;

17oz water;

3,5 tablespoons of rum essence;

2 teaspoons of vanilla essence;

2 teaspoons of pineapple essence;

4 teaspoons of burnt sugar


  • Take a big pan and pour water into. Add sugar. Keep of medium heat while constantly stirring until sugar dissolves totally.
  • Remove the pan from the heat and add burnt sugar. Cool down until room temperature.
  • In separate bowl mix vodka with all the essences.
  • When sugar and water cools down, add vodka with essences and mix everything thoroughly.
  • Pour the liquid into bottles and close the bottles tightly. Keep them in a dark and cool place for a month.
  • Withing this time, filter the rum by pouring it through kitchen cloth or gauze. After that your homemade rum is ready to be served.


  • Don't use vodka and other ingredients of low quality, opt for the best ones.
  • Don't open the rum earlier than a month, it will not be ready yet.



Color of real rum may vary from pale yellowish to almost black with golden shade. Pale rum is much more softer than the dark one and is characterized by more refined taste and subtle aroma. You may drink your rum with a slice of orange seasoned with cinnamon or make the tasty cocktails using it.

Although you need to understand that home made rum is nothing like Bacardi or any other rum that you can go buy from a store, as the manufactured one is definitely of a better quality.

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