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How to Make Ranch Dressing


You have once tried the ranch sauce and now can't imagine your life without this sauce? You are able to eat even a piece of wood if it is seasoned with ranch? If you cover with ranch literally everything, even some other sauce this article is for you. This garlic sauce is popular in the USA no less than the famous American salad. It is usually made with the usage of sour yogurt or churn milk. Basically this sauce is used to dress the vegetable salads and baked or boiled potatoes. The ranch sauce has the pleasant and refreshing taste. If served in addition to the main course it will perfectly match fried or baked chicken, various sandwiches, bread toasts or become the ideal dressing for a vegetable salad.

The packed ranch sauce that can be bought in food stores contains food preservatives or some artificial colors and flavors. It will be much better if you will cook the homemade ranch sauce using the reliable ingredients. The homemade mayo, sour cream and the spices are the only ingredients that are basically needed. You may replace the sour cream with 5 tablespoonfuls of the plain yogurt. This delicious garlic sauce may be used in various dishes. You may just try to add it to your mashed potato to make it aroma and tasty.



3 tablespoonfuls of butter;

1 cut onion;

2 cloves of garlic (to taste);

1 glass of the white dry wine (to taste);

3 tablespoonfuls of the wheat flour;

2 glasses of milk;

salt and ground black pepper


  • Melt the butter on the frying pan. Cut the onion into the small pieces and put it on the hot pan;
  • Fry the onion until it acquires the yellow shade. Now add the garlic and keep frying the mixture for 2 minutes more;
  • Add the proper amount of salt and the ground black pepper. Add the white dry wine and let the mixture boil on the maximum heat while the volume of the wine becomes double less. Remove the pan from the heat;
  • Take the second pan and melt the butter in it. Add the wheat flour and continue frying it for 5 minutes. Keep stirring it;
  • After that start adding the milk in the small portions. Stir the mixture well after every another portion of milk. As a result you should get the smooth homogeneous sauce;
  • Add the content of the first pan and stir the mixture. In the case there are some clumps in your sauce you may blend it in the mixer. It is better to serve the ranch sauce warm;
  • In the case you wish to make the cool sauce you may use mayo and yogurt instead of milk. If so it isn't necessary to boil it. Just add all the rest ingredients and stir the ranch sauce well.


  • Don't fry the onion on the maximum heat. In that case it will be burnt but not fried.
  • Don't add the whole amount of milk at once. In that case you will get a lot of clumps.
  • Don't forget to wear the cap or the head band to prevent the separate hairs from getting into the food.



Serve the ranch sauce warm or cool with any dish you like. Its fresh taste will match vegetables and chicken more. You may also add it to the meat dishes instead of the potato ketchup and sandwiches or the homemade hot-dogs with sausages. You may use this recipe for any dish which requires the spicy garlic sauce. This recipe also presupposes the existence of the variant with the tomato paste. Now let us proceed with cooking the delicious ranch sauce.

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