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How to Make Pot Butter


Pot butter has its desired effect of changing oneís reality perception due to the fact that tetrahydrocannabinol, the famous active component of marijuana, is dissolved by animal fats contained in butter. You may use pot butter in making any type of foods the recipe of which presupposes the usage of the plain butter. This article will help you to make your own organic pot butter at home from scratch.


gravy boat;

stirring spoon (take a wooden one);

butter (1 lb per each ounce of weed);


filter cloth and rubber bands;


a couple of plastic food containers with firm lids


  • Boil some water. You will need approximately one small pan of water but if you wish to make more pot butter at a time you may take some larger pan. In fact the amount of boiling water doesnít play a great role as in the end you will separate it in any case. Just make sure that your weed floats at about 2 inches above the bottom of the pan.
  • As soon as water boils put the butter in a gravy boat. Make sure that you take no less than 1 lb of butter per each ounce of weed. Melt the butter. You may use the steam method or melt it in a microwave oven. Watch the butter melting carefully. It is very important not to let the butter burn. As soon as the whole mass of butter is melted and no clumps are left minimize the heat and just leave the butter on a warming mode. You need to keep it liquid.
  • Now you may start adding the weed to the melted butter. What is important about pot culinary is the fact that you may use partially fresh or dried parts of marijuana plant and partially the weed left-outs used in vaporizer. For instance you may take 5 gr of fresh marijuana leaves and 7 gr of exhausted weed from vaporizer. Make sure that your cooker burner is working in its minimal mode. Stir the whole mixture several times. You need to warm the butter for 3 hours. The water will vaporize slowly and you will get the thick glossy substance as a result.
  • While you are warming your butter prepare container for filtering. You will use the same container for storing the pot butter and cooling it down. Take two pieces of filtering tissues and fold each one in two. Cover plastic containers with these filtering tissues and fix each one in place with the help of rubber bands.
  • Filter hot pot butter. Remove filter tissues and squeeze the rest butter through them.
  • Cover the containers with the lids firmly and place them in the fridge. Let the pot butter sit in the fridge for 24 hours. That is necessary in order to separate the water from fats. Take the containers out and get rid of the water.


  • Donít keep pot butter in a warm place.
  • Donít eat too much pot butter.
  • Donít give pot butter to children.
  • Don't make it if it is forbidden by law in your area.



If you need to store your pot butter you need to keep it in a cold place like fridge or cellar. Be careful. Pot butter will get you stoned more intensively than a joint. The effect will last from 2 to 8 hours. So be very careful and stay responsible for what you are doing.

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