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How to Make Peanut Butter


What can be better than a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the morning? Only a homemade peanut butter sandwich! Indeed, why pay money for store-bought butter and eat a ton of preservatives and sodium glutamate? Feed your family with the best natural products! Let's start with cooking a nice bowlful of delicious homemade peanut butter.

But before we dive into details, let's learn a bit more about this product. For example, did you know that initially peanut butter was introduced in America as a substitute for meat? It was prescribed to people who couldn't chew meat due to some physiological peculiarities. Indeed, peanuts are a great source of protein. It's filling, nutritious and helps your body build new cells. Thus, it is a really healthy product that charges you and your family with energy and tastes awesome!



Food processor or blender

1,5 -2 cup peanuts

1-1,5 tbsp peanut oil

Airtight container


  • Start with shelling your peanuts. Wash them in the strainer and let them dry thoroughly. After that, remove the shells manually. It may take some time and be pretty messy, so you can actually buy them shelled. After that you should roast your peanuts. Put them in a pan, add some vegetable or olive oil and bake in the oven at 350 degrees for about 6-8 minutes. You can also buy roasted peanuts to skip this step.
  • Put peanuts and peanut oil into your food processor and blend them to get the desired structure. Some people like it smooth and creamy; other prefers a crunchy structure. If you want to get a nice crunchy one, grind the peanuts for about 2 minutes on low mode. By the way, you can take either salty or unsalty peanuts, whatever you love the most.
  • Pour the creamy mass into an airtight container and put it in the fridge for about 1 hour. That's it! You have your own homemade peanut butter to use as the spread for sandwiches. If you want to use it to make cookies, frosting, or cupcakes, you don't have to freeze it.


  • Don't burn your peanuts while in the oven! Shake them every 2 minutes to prevent burning.
  • Don't eat your peanut butter if it's older than 30 days! It can cause food poisoning.
  • Don't store your butter uncovered or in a regular container. Make sure you use an airtight one.
  • Don't buy old peanuts. They have bitter taste and you can really spoil your butter if use the ingredients of bad quality.
  • Make sure there are no shells left. They don't taste good in the butter.
  • Don't set the High mode on your food processor. It's better to set it on Low to have more control. Stop the processor every once in a while to check if the butter has proper consistency or not. Remember! It will get thicker after an hour in the fridge, so don't worry if it seems to be too thin. By the way, the longer you keep it in the freezer the thicker it becomes.



When you look at the peanut butter label at the grocery store, you may start thinking that making it yourself is a rock to climb. In fact, all those ingredients are artificial flavors and preservatives that prologue this product's life up to a year. You don't need anything except peanuts and some peanut oil to make this butter, so give this recipe a try today!

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