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How to Make Paper Mache Paste


Paper mache literally means "chewed paper" in French. It is the soft paper mass which can be formed easily. It may be made of any fiber materials like wood powder, carton or paper and the sticky agents that will connect the fibers like glue, alabaster or starch. A lot of various decorative objects are made or paper mache including toys, models for studies, boxes, vases of theater scenery. Generally paper mache is the composite material for constructing. It was invented in the 16th century in France. First, it was used to make dolls. The invention of this sculpture material was stimulated by the interest for the imported Chinese and Japanese enameled decorative objects made of the paper mass. Originally paper mache was used to produce tobacco boxes, toys, fancy masks, trays, mirror frames, decorative interior elements or even small pieces of furniture. Usually people learn about the paper mache mass at school when they try to make their first toys using that technique. The technique of making the decorative objects from paper mache is relatively simple that's why it is so popular. Unlike the wood for instance the paper mache mass has a lot of advantages. Low price of this material will make it possible for you to make as many works as you like or use it like the modeling material. The paper mache objects are light and may easily serve for example as the Christmas tree decorations. You may decorate even the curtains in your room with paper mache figures (stars, flowers or clouds). If a paper mache figure breaks it doesn't leave any sharp parts that might injure your children or pets. Moreover if you use only starch and natural paper your paper mache figure won't be dangerous for your child's health if he bites a piece of it off and swallows it.


You'll Need:

toilet paper;




  • Soak 4 rolls of toilet paper in the pan. Use the hot water to make the process faster.
  • Stir the paper until you get the homogenous mass. Now use the strainer to remove the water from the paper mache mass.
  • Now squeeze the paper mache with your hands to get rid of water. The mass should be wet.
  • Take the blender. Grind the mass until it will acquire the smooth texture. The smaller the pieces of paper will be the mare smooth the paper mache will look when it gets dry.
  • Now put the ground wet paper mache mass on the cloth and let it dry naturally. In that way you will be able to store it as long as you wish. When you need it just add the mixture of water and glue.
  • Batter the paper mache mass with your hands thoroughly. Continue adding glue and water. When the mass stops sticking to your hands you may start forming it.
  • If you have some wet glue paper mache mass let there is no need to throw it away if you think that you may need it later. Just put it in a plastic bag and close it tightly. The paper mache mass will remain wet and retain its properties.


  • Don't add too much water or glue. In the first case the paper mache will dry unevenly and in the second case it won't retain the shape but will look more like a chewing gum.
  • Don't keep the paper mache in the place where the children will reach it. You don't want them to spread it all over the place or eat it.



Now you may think of some nice ideas to decorate your house or make some souvenirs for your friends using paper mache. Make sure you have added enough glue. Let the paper mache item dry thoroughly in a dark place.

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