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How to Make Napalm


Fire is the great power which was used by the people since the ancient times. However fire was used not only for creation but for the destruction as well. A lot of modern people wish to find out the secret of napalm without being aware of the incredible force and danger of this chemical mixture.

It is the fire which gave the people almost all the methods to fight the enemies. The most popular inventions such as fire weapon, bombs or Molotov cocktail are aimed to burn the enemy down. Napalm is not an exception.

In the middle of the 20th century the world's progress has given the humankind the substance called napalm. It is immediately spread on the surface and burns way longer. It was invented in 1942 during the Second World War.



The easiest way of making napalm

You'll Need:

diesel fuel;

lye soap;



  • The easiest way of making napalm may be applied at home. However you will get the unstable chemical substance that won't support the continuous burning. Besides that the shelf life of such napalm will be ridiculously short. It will be decomposed into the basic fractions already in a couple of hours.
  • To make such low-quality unstable napalm you will have to warm the diesel fuel at the low heat and add the lye soap gradually.
  • Add gas to the warm mixture and you will get the simplest napalm.

The effective simple napalm

You'll Need:

a glass jar with the tight lid;

grease dissolvant;




  • Take the glass jar and check the lid. It shouldn't let the air in. Pour the grease or paint dissolvant into the glass jar.
  • Take the plastic piece and grind it. Add the ground plastic to the grease dissolvant.
  • Close the jar with the lid firmly. Let it sit for approximately 12 hours.
  • Open the jar and using the long stick try to stir the mixture. If it is rather thick and homogeneous and reminds syrup you may proceed with the following step. If your mixture is still too thin you need to add plastic.
  • Add gas in 1 to 1 proportion. You need to add gas slowly and carefully. Close the jar and shake it from time to time. Stir the mixture. As soon as you have added all the gas you may be sure that you have made a jar of the real napalm.
  • Pour the napalm mixture into the glass bottles and start using it.
  • You may try to substitute grease dissolver and plastic for foam plastic and acetone. In this case you will need to add more and more foam plastic while no pure acetone will be left.


  • Don't neglect the safety rules. You need to be extremely careful working with the ingredients of napalm. It is better to work in a special lab with the proper ventilation system.
  • Don't smell or taste the ingredients. That may be lethal. It is also prohibited to apply them onto the skin.
  • Don't let anyone in while you are making napalm.
  • Don't smoke or burn anything next to your working place.



Take into consideration that even the napalm made according to the first recipe is highly inflammable liquid. You need to be extremely careful. If you have spilled some ingredient on the floor you need to wipe it with the fireproof cloth. Always keep a fire drencher next to your working place.

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