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How to Make Money on Ebay


Ebay has thousands of views every day, that's why it is the hottest trading platform in the world, and that's why you cannot but use it to make money. Many folks sell things on eBay to make extra cash to add to their monthly paychecks; others turn it into a sustainable income generator and sell on eBay on regular basis. Although the competition is pretty high there, you can still organize your work on a smart way.

The scheme is really simple. It's not a secret that you can sell various stuff on eBay at a very good price. You can start with selling things that you have in your house but don't use, but the sad truth is one day you'll run out of these things. Thus, buying and then reselling items on eBay is the only profitable strategy that can guarantee an instant money flow.




The best way to buy things for reselling is liquidation sales. These are things that are sold by a company because it's running out of business, and you can leverage this for your advantage. They often sell things with 60-80% off, so buying these things and then reselling them at regular price is going to give you a huge income. A good idea is to buy these things and then go to eBay and list them as half priced. People are crazy about such sort of hot deals and you'll be sold out before you know it. To do that, check the liquidation prices and the terms of delivery, then go back to eBay, type the name of the same item in the search box, and check what the price and delivery are like on eBay. Some people say they can make about $2500/month with liquidation alone.


Rare things

Look for some unique and specific items that are hard to find. Selling collectables is a great idea as well.


Drop shipping

Drop shipping is another method that you can use to make tons of money on eBay. The good thing about this method is the fact that you can save a lot of time and money. You just send the drop shipping company the address of the client and they send it directly to him avoiding any unnecessary manipulations. Find some good drop shipper, buy stuff from it, and resell it without shipping.


Refurbished things

Selling refurbished stuff is a good way as well. Just make sure the chosen item is really worth bothering.


Track your feedbacks

Your eBay seller career will become way better as soon as your feedback score is high enough. The higher you are in the search, the higher price you can set for your items. If you want to speed up the process, you can use a simple trick. Invest $20 in purchasing lots of some really cheap eBay items, like e-books or something of that kind. Buy each book from a different seller, and then leave positive feedbacks to each seller. Most of them are going to give you a positive feedback in return. Thus, your eBay score will become a lot better in a flash.


  • Don't give up on hunting for stuff if you sell on eBay. You can't concentrate on selling the same type of things all the time.
  • If the price on liquidation sale is the same as the price on Bay, don't opt for it. Do some more market research.
  • If you opt for liquidation, don't buy anything that comes with less than 70% discount.
  • Don't sell mainstream items like iPods, laptops, etc. The competition is too high and your chances to sell it quickly and at a good price are really tiny.
  • Don't go to popular and reputable drop shippers because many other people buy from these drop shippers and you probably won't be able to withstand competition.



Making profitable eBay business takes some time, initial investment and effort; nonetheless, your deals will be ergonomically justified in no time if you do the right things. Use our tips to get your ideas straight and launch a profitable eBay business. Besides, they will help you avoid common mistakes that many people make when start a business on eBay for the first time. Start today and succeed!

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